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Are we ever going to have a fully immersive VR MMORPG?

| You know, that kind of ‘Ready player one’, ‘Sword art online’ videogame concept.
It has been my whole life fantasy and im actually excited waiting for this to happen. What do you think, /v/?

| One step at a time - I am still waiting for the Augmented Reality feature to be utilized in the 3DS or PS Vita for Yu-Gi-Oh using the real cards when you place them down in front of the 3DS's/Vita's camera.

| Excited and all yet despite reading plenty about this and not being able to comprehend how that would possibly work as showcased in certain shows makes me honestly question if many of us would even be alive to witness that hehh

but hey VR sure does a good job so far

| I hope so. It would be fucking awesome!

| I had the same idea in a discord server about this kinda idea. It's still kinda far off but with VR slowly becoming popular it might become a reality soon

| I really hope so, it's such a neat idea, just be careful to not get isekai'd

| >>587964
Hell yeah.
If we ever get one, im going to try my best to isekai into it.

| The day VR headsets shoot bullets into our eyes, we will be able to harness the power of Isekai!

| By the time we do reach that point, ill probably have a wife and kids.

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This thread is permanently archived