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(Spoilers) Just finished GFL x VA-11

| So a drunk comatose android and a nanomachine ghost(?) fused their memories together, creating a dying world filled with alternate versions of the people they know in their reality. DreamAnna wants DreamJill to replace Jill in the real world so that DreamJill can be the only proof that their world truly existed and was not fake. DreamJill meets Jill but chooses not to ruin her life, and instead decides to die alongside her friends in her beloved world. End?

| Nope. Happy Ending. Everyone and the world got deleted but after shitkicunt saves all of them by copying their data and putting them into another storage, waiting to be woken up. DreamJill and friends ended up being T-dolls, reborn in their new reality, ready to enjoy the present day and present time~

| And all this happened in the drunk comatose android's neural cloud.

...Don't give 416 alcohol. Happy Southern Hemisphere everyone.

| Oh yeah and that G36 bar story is hilarious.

| >>7779d3
Va-11 Hall-A secret ending indeed

a little spoiler, this has a nice timestamp between Isomer and Shattered Connexion

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