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anything remotely similar to VA-11 Hall-A?

| what would you g/v/rls recommend?

| papers please

| >>586681
uhh.. okay here
>reaches into pocket
will this do?
>picture of Alma

| Phoenix wright is less comfy because you have to pay attention to the case, but it is basically va11-hall-a with slapstick jokes.

| There is a relatively new game "Night call". This is the closest thing to va11halla, but more depressive and you have to choose dialogue lines.

| Define the kind of similarity yoy want. Gameplay, story, settings, graphics, whatever?

| Never played it but red strings club looks like it was going for something similar?

| >>586844 It's much shorter and more action packed, does it's own thing, but it has similar atmosphere I suppose. Good game overall.

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This thread is permanently archived