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Sukeban's Endorsement of Girl's Frontline

| http://sukeban.moe/index.php/2019/08/06/the-girls-frontline-x-va-11-hall-a-collaboration-event-is-out/

The VA-11 Hall-A x Girls Frontline collaboration is now online! There will be a time for sentimentality and how much the whole thing means to us, but today let’s talk about the game and dispel any doubts or concerns from the perspective of someone that started playing the game quite a while before the collab was even suggested. Am I biased writing this? Of fucking course I am. It’s a game I love crossing over with a game I made. It’d be worrying if I WASN’T biased.

So let’s get this question out of the way immediately: Could you get all the characters by the end of the event if you started just now?

Yes, I’d say so.

For starters I should open this by saying that I legitimately love the game. Even before the collab, it was one of two mobile games (the other being Granblue Fantasy) that completely grabbed me by the balls as far back as the prologue with its story, music, and atmosphere. It’s the sort of sci-fi that is just as equally concerned with the personal ramifications of the questions it poses instead of falling into the age-old trap of neglecting characters for the sake of the macrocosmic picture. It’s safe to say that anyone that liked VA-11 Hall-A will find something to like here.

Then there’s the gameplay. GFL is a Strategy RPG with really solid mechanics that more often than not will put your mind to work more than the time you might spend grinding. It’s the kind of game where you might enter a low level mission with fully upgraded teams and still lose because the enemy blindsided you capturing nodes on the map. It’s also the kind of game confident enough on its mechanics to not offer any kind of “pay to revive” or “pay to level up immediately” options.

Of course a lot of the fun of these kinds of games comes down to the girls, and GFL is one of those games that is made so even if one girl isn’t “meta” you can easily still take her to end content or make any investments in her worth it. The biggest upgrade that units have is “dummy linking” where your girl gets to command a copy of herself and get her stats multiplied (dummy linking three times is the equivalent of having three copies of that same unit on one slot), and you can dummy link with either copies of the unit, or cores that you get by dismantling other units or through other means like daily missions. What this means is, of course, that starting out the lower stats of lower rarity units are compensated with their easiness to upgrade.

The best example of how well the game lets you use any unit you want at any level is Micro Uzi. I really like her but she has a tile composition that’s… weird to say the least. In other games this would mean she would see no use beyond being dismantled for cores. However, it is entirely possible to make her work in action, and even if you can’t make her work properly in battle you can still use her for logistics missions (basically missions that are done in the background while you do other stuff to get more resources), thus making justifying putting resources into an “subpar” unit way easier than in other games.

It’s worth mentioning too how the paid part of this F2P game works, since it’s considerably non-intrusive. Units are gotten through resources that you either get naturally over time or in the aforementioned logistics missions so there’s no gacha to get characters (though it is random which unit you’ll get when you start production). The only gacha is to get costumes and furniture, and while I won’t pretend cosmetics aren’t important, these particular cosmetics don’t mean you’ll be doing less damage than someone else. Said gacha also uses “tokens” which you can buy but also get at a steady pace through other means.

The only paid thing that has an effect on gameplay is infrastructure like slots for units and such. For example, you start with 2 out of 8 production slots and 2 out of 4 training slots. And while having more of these is certainly convenient, it’s also not a dire necessity until you start really getting into the game, and even then you can collect the gems for those upgrades.

But enough shilling, let’s get to the core of the important question here: can you start the event right now and get everything? Yes.

GFL like many other Mobile Games has a progress curve where there’s usually a “grind wall” that needs to be overcome before you can do “end game” and higher level stuff. But this event, while it has some end game-level stuff, the story and unlocks only go so far as to that “wall”.

Assuming someone started playing today with a fresh account, did the story and a bit of grinding on the side (in particular the EXP simulations that pop up during the week), and put resources especially on the free units you get progressing through the story or unlocked with achievements. I can see them being able to get everything by the end. After all, the event is month-long.

Not only that, the first unit you get from the event is Dana. Why is this important? It’s Dana you little shit Dana is a Shotgun, shotguns are tank units that you usually would be able to get only after unlocking Heavy Productions (after 60 unique stage clears) and using a LOT of resources on that production. Getting a shotgun not only for free but also as one of the first unlocks is an easy crutch. On that note you can also easily get Anna, who is a fairy (because of course she is), another type of unit you will need Heavy Production and Heavy Investments to get in any other case.

There might be a bit of resistance at the later stages but it’s not anything that difficult to overcome. I know how daunting it can feel, that feeling that you’re missing your chance and might not be able to make it by the end… but it’s not that bad, trust me. The game can get difficult but not in an event… unless it’s the extra stage with a literally unbeatable Dana where have to survive instead of defeating her. But that’s an extra stage not anything required to get characters.

Leveling up units is easy up to around level 60 or so, which leaves your units in a really comfortable position to go through everything, especially if you pay attention to team composition and formation. The progress you can make in a week on top of the extra goodies you get from achievements and first-time clears will also definitely ease up everything. And if you feel lost there’s a myriad of beginner resources out there nowadays thanks to all the time the game’s been out in English so far.

But overall just remember to have fun! Don’t see it as a long-time commitment to a new game, see it as a game you’re giving a try because you liked the thing they’re collaborating with. If it’s not your thing then that’s perfectly fine too, if anything you’ll be able to say you have an account in a Chinese game with characters made by two random Venezuelan dudes. If you ever feel like coming back you can tie your account to an email and make it easier to come back to it on any device.

Games aren’t a contract you can’t get out of after all. Mobile games in particular make it easier to just try something out and see if it’s for you or not. That’s basically the reason my iPad is filled with any anime mobage that crosses my twitter feed. I just delete them if they’re not my thing.

Always remember that games are there to take you out of your stress, not cause it.

…also remember to keep 416 and alcohol as separated as possible.

| I want to cuddle with 416 and sleepo beepo

| Because of GFL, I discovered this wonderful universe. Now on my 2nd day, cheers

| So gameplay mechanics are pretty similar to Azur Lane. Noted.
I hope the game is as good as you say it is, Fernando, if you're reading this, because I'm going out of my way to download this from Qooapp to play this since Googleplay regionlocked the game from my country.

| Sooooo you can only collect 60 white knight shits a day and someone did the calculation that you need to diligently collect them every day for the length of the event.

>can you start the event right now and get everything?

if "right now" means at the very beginning of the event then yes. sadly I'm 2 days late ;w;

oh well I guess I'll pass on the IDW profile icon

| I want to fuck a gun

| >>587099 with safety on right??

| >>587124 no need for safety if the gun is already unloaded ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

| >>587086 I mean it depends on what you want, if your getting both Alma and Doro with all the special equipment it's only 810 so you could do it in less than 13 days and the event lasts 30...

| Scratch that apparently it's 20 days, but the first map is pretty easy do you could just grind that 10x every day

| What!? You can get 60 white knight fragments per day?. And here i was thinking that the whole story covers all of our shop expenses.

Sorry phone but we are gonna be working 8 hours a day.

| >>587350

Thankfully it doesn't take that long, just auto a map repeatedly while doing literally anything else.

IIRC one of the maps barely takes a couple turns.

| >>587161
The second level is even easier than the first but I recommend you go do the levels with Sei and Stella spawns since some of the enemies you kill in those levels have a chance of dropping the rare dolls, Sei drops on E-5(Chicken Breast) and Stella drops on E-8(The Last Rain In The World).

Use Combat Summary > Reward List > Tap on the doll you want to acquire > It will highlight specifically which enemy that drops the specific doll

| https://www.gflcorner.com/girls-frontline-x-va11-hall-a-collaboration-guide-by-gfc/

This guide has everything you need to know about the event. Godspeed shikikans

| Girls Frontline has an unexpectedly interesting story and set of characters to get you invested in unlike most gacha games. It's also pretty brutal, so you feel an actual need to strategize with it. Gameplay is basically something between Goddess Kiss and Armor Blitz in. It's not as interactive as something like Azur Lane or the new Grand Chase (also recommended) though. Aand why do these games have to take up so much space?

All in all, breddy gud gemu.

~ells dash elks

| >>587351
wait, you can auto an event map ?!

whoa many thanks stranger!

what's the point then xDDD

| >>587465

Yeah, there's a function at the bottom left of all maps in the game that lets you select an echelon, and form a route for them to go on. When you start the turn, the echelons will follow this route to the best of their ability, and will only stop if they're: Out of ammo, out of food, are about to face a boss or super strong enemy, or unless you cancel their orders.

So if I'm busy, I just do dailies this way.

| What do yall think is the min echelon level to beat the first 8 levels for Jill? I'm on the 4th level at power level 7000ish and am struggling with the armored knights

| >>588619 While I myself am a beginner with only 4300 power on my strongest echelon and currently on the same mission, I've read that armored units apparently can't dodge so you'll always hit them. Because of this, rifles and mgs with ap bullets should make quick work of 'em. If I'm wrong, please, do correct me.

Also, if anyone knows a fast way of leveling and enhancing my units, please tell me.

| While I don't know what level is reccomended, I think you should be able to deal with them at that power level.

| >>588793 exp simulation is really good, there's a few levels that you can grind but you'll have to look them up dmesse has a lot of good guides up on their website.

Eventually you can start "corpse dragging" just a high power ar a tank and all the rest really low levels with no ammo

| >>588794
Person you replied to, Yeah I ended up beating every level up to 8 before I couldn't feasibly beat the boss and cap the command node. You can def get to stage 8 at least with one echelon that has all 60-70 levels, a 2nd squad with atleast all 50s, and a dummy squad or two.

Atleast I got nearly 2 weeks to boost enough to get Jill, but I want to farm Sei and Stella as well

| Well. I got a little late for the party. Almost reached 2000 in main echerion. IDW will have to take Stella's place.

Now I get to experience not getting the sexy Mega Santa costume, just like Becky.

| Why do most gacha games I like have such retarded devs? Why the fuck would you allow for the game to be stuck on the loading screen? What patch is this? Every damn time I had to reinstall just to play it again. Am I doing something wrong?

| >>589705 I think it's just you

| I just want Jill but I'm really late to the party rip

| >>589822 Im still trying to farm for sei and stella

| For those who want to get shards fast. Just farm adolensence EX. 12 shards per run and all you need to do is evade the WK with a handgun.

Also. i want to marry neko Sei

| As far as enjoyment goes, as a newbie who got drawn to GFL for the VA-11 Hall-A collab, I have trouble even for beating 1-2.
Please send help.
I'd like to play the collab but I can't.

| For 1-2 of the event just run around everything you don't need to fight the big armored guys

| >>c0dcf6 Wait fr? I was really troubled about how I should fight the 10000 power with my 2000 power elcheons :0

| Gvrls I'm on the homestretch. Only stella is left. Wish me luck

| >>590567

Yeah, you're supposed to avoid those lol. Just wait for them to move out of the way and go straight for the end.

| >>590697 Same for me aswell, got Sei today. Wishing ya luck getting the kot

| >>591074 Thanks!

I finally got Stella on my 158th attempt.

| >>591439 on 100 even do this gives me hope

| Got Stella attempt 102 so I guess your comment is lucky too (was doing two enemies per run, so 204 chances to get her)

| >>591439 > >591557 Nice!
I myself am still at attempt 75 for Stella, but I hope it stays between 100 and 200.

| And now I've got the kot aswell at attempt 90! Sweet!

| >>591585

Nice- I was around 155 for Sei when I decided to spend a few more resources to start killing two of the mobs at a time instead of one per run. Ended up getting her from mob #2 at 167 tries.

I'm grinding for Stella right now.

| 231 for sei, one mob and I'm finally done

| I wish the remix of Hopes and Dreams were available on spotify, I really like it.

| event officially ended and I never got Stella T_T

| Rip my dude

| Didn't get Stella either =[ I'm going to guess there's no chance for a rerun of this event in the future.

| I've heard they haven't re-ran cross over events unfortunately, but it sounded like sukeban was ok with them doing it? So maybe this will go the first

| Fingers crossed

| Hey the event is over maybe we should unstickey this

| gacha is fucking gay

| >>593220 it's called surprise mechanic

| Gotcha is only for costumes and furniture though

| is this colab ever gonna come back?

| Probably not? I don't believe they ever brought other colabs back

| Say, is there anywhere to actually watch through the story? I never had the time to finish it, got stuck on the Anna Graem boss fight.

| >>594770


Three hours worth, lmao. Enjoy!

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