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Granblue Fantasy or Girls Frontline?

| I did the prologue and the former is awesome, it's like FGO, but fully voiced and more immersive. But it has 1/3 of the screen cut off by a huge black bar and I had to lie that I live in Kyouto to register for it. GFL doesn't have no dumb black bars and seems pretty cool so far. More new. Made by Chinese, though, not sure if Chinese are to be trusted with video games.

| Girls Frontline

| you should only play gbf if youre a masochist that enjoys mindless grinding.
i love it.

| I only play GF to oath dorothy uwu

| >>586534 Don't they all have a lot of mindless grinding? I remember grinding for days in fgo back when I was playin it.
Do you play with an empty black space below the game? I assume it's the issue with the game not being horizontal like other gacha games.

| GBF mostly.GFL end game is way too fast.but i still play both /but i fucking hate gacha tho

| >>586560 its WAYYYYYY more grinding than pretty much any other gacha game out there. you can play it kinda casually i guess but to really get anywhere you have to grind a bunch of shit all the time. theres one event that can be basically a second job depending on how hard you go with it. the black bar is only a phone thing, its fine on pc. you could play kinda casually i guess but to really get anywhere you gotta do a lot of grinding, if youre fine with that its a fun game though.

| >>586577 Is it still active? Seems like it's 5 years old already. Do they still do events for it or rerun old ones?

| >>586638 its still super active yeah. i think on the 5th anniversary they said they wanted to keep the game going for at least another 5 years. they still have new events and give away free stuff and release new characters etc all the time, the next event is a collab with love live lol

| Chose GFL for now, but I'll definitely come back to GBF later.

| To be honest I like gfl's gameplay better because I've had more than plenty of turn based games, but I couldn't really find any "active" games that I could play on mobile since it's so unresponsive. Also I like the aesthetic of it and how unapologetic it can be sometimes with it's fetishes, you can get a maid, a catgirl, an oneesan and two washing boards to fight for you and that's pretty great.

| I like everything about gfl but the gameplay.

| Cool how sukeban mentions GBF in their GFL collab entry. Def gotta do both eventually.

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