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Recommended game for story & gameplay?

| Hey g/u/rls, I'm selling back a game so that means extra gamer dollars. 45 USD and under is my price range.

I'm looking for a game in both story and gameplay. It can be as serious as The Last of Us or as goofy as Devil May Cry. Even better if they're shorter games. Unless it's Yakuza, so I have my eyes on Judgement. I'm open to any genre, but prefer games with high skill ceilings.

I have a PS4, 3DS, and Switch.

| VA-11 Hall-A

| >>586312 ah yes, a timeless masterpiece

| Buy a raspberry and abandon your consoles

| Or save up your money for a wedding ring for the one that you are going to marry to get the best suiting story and gameplay ever.

| >>586334
I also did this and am not disappointed one bit.

| Probably too obvious but you have played Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, right?

| >>586363 played all of them except Pyre. It looks interesting.

| Witcher?

| Arx Fatalis.
c: weep ages pyre

| >>586378
Pyre is a lot more story than gameplay compared to the previous games, but it's still a good one

| Megaman X collection

| >>586334 to play Psx games when a Wii that's less than 30 $ can run it?
Wait there's more
When any smartphone post 2010 can run it lol.

| >>586425 but can you turn a Wii or a smartphone into a robot? Can you make a drink dispenser with it? Can you make a portable attack vector?

Actually.... the last one can be easily done with a smartphone but I stand my point.

| >>586426 the coding on a Wii is simple enough to do any robot task, that no one has tried it doesn't mean it isn't possible. I think even an Atari can hold that kind of stuff.

| Bioshock Infinite is incredible for both. You've probably played it, but if you somehow haven't, do it.

| A few is Hollow Knight, Iconoclasts, Rain World, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Kero Blaster, Duskers, HBS's Shadowrun games, ES Morrowind, VTM:B, SPAZ, Cross Code, Divinity OS2, Shadow Warrior 2, Sunless Sea, Dust: AET, Stores: TPoD, Alan Wake.
I'm just listing off stuff, there's always something out there when it comes to games. I myself have been playing a lot of Moonlighter and MYZ, the latter of which is just kicking me in the teeth however.

| >>586640
>Hollow Knight
You know, I'm something of a Hollow knight lore enthusiast myself

| the original deus ex is great

| Uh... Nier:Automata should fit into your budget if it is still on sale. I really like the story and it is pretty open with play styles as different weapon has different moves and animation.

If you are looking for shorter games, then maybe Catherine. Yes, it is puzzle games, which is in the opposite spectrum of DMC and Last of Us. But it has a unique story. The puzzle is also pretty challanging.

| >>586691 both of those games are my all time favorites

| >>586691 also, Catherine would actually be in the middle between LOTU and DMC. Not in terms of gameplay, I meant just in story tone.

| >>586675


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