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Chaddiest game engines?


| CryEngine is for chads
Unity is for shitty trash and clicker games
Unreal engine is Chinese spy

| Ruby or bust

| Any engine you wrote yourself tbh

| X-Ray engine, nothing comes close

| Depends. What racing game are you playing? Forza, Gran Turismo, Midnight Club?

| The mutated version of netimmerse/gamebryo that Bethesda has been using since 2001. Everyone shits on it but it still sells millions with no fuck given, even when it caused memory leaks on the PS3 that made Skyrim unplayable.

| Only if you're familiar with all of its tools, if you're learning something to start with then you should really learn something better, it's height map doesn't support overhangs so every cave or cliff you see us modeled by hand, sure you could do that, but why would you?


| Obviously source.

| >>586837 this guy gets it

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This thread is permanently archived