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Pokemon go

| Anyone doing it? What do you think?

| I don't think. I have no brain.

| I can't do it because I never leave the house.

| I do it when it came out cuz i walk atleast 2-3km everyday from school to home anyway

Just get a train toy to run in the house if you wanna hatch a goddamn 10km egg

| Hasn't it died yet?

| My only reason to have Pokémon go is to transfer stuff to Pokémon let's go

| What about recently added pvp? Thought it's gonna be like the anime. Travelling your region, meeting other trainers, fighting them, making friends and getting laid.

| >>581913
You forgot getting beat up and kidnapped because you humiliated someone without even wanting to.

| >>581913 if only we had a game that already offers all that... o wait

| >>581913 I wanna get laid if you say Pokémon Go will get me laid then I'll play Pokémon Go

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This thread is permanently archived