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"we have less Pokémon so we can focus on high quality animations"

| Fucking BS
How an animation worse than stadium with Pokémon models just floating around is high quality?
Shit gamefreak, this may be the first main Pokémon game I skip

| They didn't get enough interns to animate those porkymans

| They cut the dex so that 6 months after launch, John Gamefreak can revitalize sales by patching everything in and saying "you made your voices heard, and we listened. Bring all your friends along for the adventure!"
Really smart marketing, tbh; this way people are made aware of new pokemon games by everyone screaming about them, and a couple thousand angry nerds aren't about to cut too hard into their profits considering the games are out in time for Christmas.

| >>578206 IF they do it I'll agree, sing praises to them and even buy the game
Because it's a really smart plan

| They said they were going to release a patch with new content for Let's Go and it never happened, we don't know what the fuck was it and we will never know. I doubt they will patch a game they are re-releasing with a new name on the next year. They'll never work for a game after released, as if they didn't have enough work not caring about a fandom going worst than Sonic The Hedgehog.

Also Final Fantasy X's cutscenes looked more natural, and that's a really bad example

| They should have stopped making new pokemons long ago to focus on a better game. But as always they are years too late

| Too bad; children, their parents and casuals are still going to buy it whatever you complains are. They'd get more money by pumping up a new game than polishing it.

| I like the move, I did think that 3d and animations in the last few games didnt look to good. Besides I thought that the prrasure to add so many new pokemon kinda lowered the quality of their designs.

| O want a Pokemon game with all the regions and Pokemons already in the game maybe in 2d gba style.

| >>578672 ask (and donate) a hack room creator, they can do so more quickly than Game Freak ruined all its main franchise

| >>578672
There are a lot of ROM hacks of the GBA game that does exactly that (maybe not with the region tho). Nintendo isn't very lenient of fan-games, and the only reason why ROM hacks are allowed is because they aren't one whole game (they are usually package in a patch file), so you'd need to 'own' a copy of the game anyway.

| >>578806 mostly because they are hidden, they banned Crystal Clear various times even though they only shared a patch. Thankfully the project is still alive (I think it changed developer team name or something). They even killed Pixelmon once (a Minecraft Pokémon mod that added fucking everything and battle system didn't hsve any cut.) A fan continued it but it's still literally dead.

| Sucks because these Chinese Bootlegs on the app store (that are even better than SWSH) aren't even touched.

| >>578632 you don't get it
Unless all the trailers are extremely outdated(even the most recent ones) they're still using the exact same animations from the 3DS...

| found one: Pokemon Fire Ash
The game loosely follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum.

National Dex with over 800 Pokémon up to generation 7.
Travel through 7 regions.
Over 50 gym battles.
Abilities up to generation 5 and moves up to generation 7.
Mega Evolution, Alola Forms, and Ash-Greninja.
Over 100 TMs.
Includes the Battle Frontier adventure.
Pokemon that evolve by trade now evolve by level or item required in trade

| Wait, am I understanding this correct? Y'all are mad that they don't have every single Pokémon ever created in the newest games, and you complain about how "normies" are going to buy it? Caring more about quantity than quality sounds pretty fucking normie to me.

Holy shit! I just noticed my captcha.
>arabs enrol pigs

| calling people normies is normie as well



| >>578938
1. I think no one here mentioned normies before you.
2. The problem here is that the promise of quality doesn't seem like it'll be delivered either looking at the trailers so we end with low quality and low quantity too

| 3. Not having every Pokémon means your progress from older games means less since you'll probably be unable to transfer your whole team to the new games, that's a drop in quality on my book since the capacity of transferring your Pokémon from the previous game has been common practice since gen 4.

| >>579025
I'm pissed I can't use my gen 3 milotic...
Fuck this I'm going back to stadium and ecks dee

| >>578938 >>579024 exactly, we are not seeing a quality worth the quantity, not only in Pokemon but in features.
Long ago when they first talked about making 8th Generation they said they wanted to change the game mechanics and make it more dynamic. Reused animations and reused assets would be justified if they made combats faster and more logical (there is no reason for a Pokemon being invisible when the oponent is attacking anymore or having zero animation when appearing)

| >>579047 If I remember correctly Milotic was shown already swimming in the Wild Area, this is your lucky day.

| >>579050
But can i import it from the last gen on 3ds ?

| >>579051 you will have to wait to them to release Pokemon Home a month or two after SWSH, so you will have to pay for both Pokemon Home and Pokemon Bank to do so (I can't understand why no one complains about this but I guess SW and SH are bigger problems lol)

| >>579055
Oh wait, pokebank is not enough ?

| >>579056 in order to transfer Pokemon to newer games it looks like not. At least it let you transfer Pokemon Go and Let's Go too (Thanks I guess? I don't think there is any bond with those Pokemon) I guess they will charge even more than they charge for Pokebank (don't forget it's yearly). It's absurd how expensive it is to be a Pokémon fan xD

| >>579076
Ayyyyy isn't it 5 dollar a year ?
Yea it's still 5 dollar for 1 feature tho...
Fuk it i'm buying that anyways

| >>579024
Then don't buy it.

>>579025 >>579049 >>579055
Complaining about a paid extra feature that's not required to play the game seems dumb. Spending money on extra features is your choice. They're not forcing you.

Complaining about shit like this just seems so meaningless. No Nintendo staff is going to read this, and they don't owe anything. If you don't like the product, don't buy it, they'll see that less people bought it and then up the quality. That's how consumerism works.

| >>579156 They have been building up on Nostalgia and out of nowhere they destroy all Nostalgia but on Gen 1 lol, also bringing older Pokemon to newer games was required for certains events, they kind of stopped after Oras, Sun and Moon is just random Npcs that give you items or moves, still was something you wouldn't see or get without paying for these services.

It wasn't a complain, just explaing to >>636333 the system, if you see it as a bad thing is that you see it bad too.

| We are just expresing ourselves and talking, of course we know our word means nothing to the devs but we are still a community, discussing the good and bad things. Our word at least means something between us and that's the whole point of forums and webs like /u/. That some devs like Volition checks their fan-site forums because they care doesn't mean others have to do so, later indie and AA games have popularity because their communities are heard. It's that really a problem?

| >>579239
It's not a problem, I just don't see the point in getting angry over something like this. I get that the game looks like it's going to be a disappointment, but it isn't even out yet. I'm not trying to tell you complaining is wrong, but in this situation it just seems completely meaningless.

| >>579241
I'm not angry, ok.

I'm just pissed I can't bring my beloved Milotic.

I'll be pissed even if it is meaningless.

Moderately pissed.

> (ノ`Д´)ノ~ ╧╧

| #AbandonGameFreak
Do not buy their games. Do not recommend their games. Do not regard them in a good light. They are scum, they are greedy, and they should be abandoned. Good riddance to GameFreak! Spread this if you agree!!

| >>579754
What is your basis for these claims? Please elucidate this matter.

| >>579754 like this the movement won't go anywhere. Why would I agree to spreading hate towards someone else is failure? Specially a big company? No one wants that, we want companies to do better because we have been loving them and we know they can do more and they can spend more time and money. Like Miyamoto said:"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever".

It's okey if you boicot GF, but It's not okey if you are enjoying it.

| >>579786 Companies won't do better if we dickride them like there's nothing wrong with it, complaining about it and having discussion is also great for consumerism. You literally sound like a gamefreak employee for being so opposed to the pokemon community rightfully ranting about the new game. It's less beneficial by not talking about it than it would be to talk about it. By your logic, nothing the community talks about or cares about, matters since they don't listen, which is bs.

| >>579795
>rightfully ranting
If the games sell well, then GF is making the games right. At the end of the day it doesn't matter to the people who sign those employees' paychecks how satisfied some nerds outside the target demographic for their product are, they just want to see sales. And it's pokemon: they'll see lots of sales.

| >>579802
>outside the target demographic
True dat

| >>579795 Showing hate towards them is not a solution, many companies cancelled their game projects or penalized the game's content because of this. Showing hate to them will make them tear even more apart from the community. Check how everyone is hating on games that become Epic Store exclusive, they are not listening and they will listen less. Negativity is not the way. By negativity I mean saying Masuda raped your mom while some GF employee ripped your arm.

| By negativity I also mean this >>579754
Maybe Town is a fucking masterpiece and if it gets more sales than Pokémon Game Freak will see something is wrong and they will change their ways. By saying "Don't buy anything they are scum" people around will just ignore you and even think the game isn't that bad and then they will buy it, no one follows a no-argument, and everyone will evade someone who can only rant on others.

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