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We've played wordchain. Now it's time to play a videogame without graphics

| ...which uses menus instead. Remember Homestuck?. There is a pretty old and unupdated browser version of SBURB - https://overseer2.com/ . I don't really remember the comics story or how to play the game, but I started a session for us. Name - dangeru, password - veryfunnymemepassword

| You also might want to figure your classpect out before starting to play. Here's the test http://stardust-rider.com/hero/

| >>578068 I got prince of void
Sounds cool but I have no idea what that means

| Not much games like this. Do visual novels count?

| >>578071
https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Mythological_roles https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Aspect https://mspaintadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Class
You can read up on it here. It's not necessary to enjoy the game, though. Prince of void will make a good damage dealer, I guess

| >>578072
We are not playing a wordchain, gurl. I am inviting you all to play a fun browser game. At least I remember it being fun.

| >>578075 My bad. Somehow I've percepted it as the continuation of the wordchain.

| Perceived*

| hmm. i wanna join, but i have to ask. is the session still running or do I basically need to wait for another one? i was late to the party i guess

| >>578166
(Nobody joined it. So you are not late)

| >>578174 lol okay, guess i'll just find something else to do then

| >>578179
I mean nobody has joined yet. You are free to be the first one to do so

| >>578075 want a real videgame via browser? N64/GBA/DS/Megadrive emulators

Want a multiplayer experience? Super Mario Battle Royale

| >>578185
You are gay, homosexual and also extremley not straight

| >>578186 if so I wouldn't be single and I wouldn't be losing time in /u/ like all of us g/u/rls do. Sorry to tell the true ;D

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This thread is permanently archived