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Your favourite DS/3DS games?

| I'll start.
Original Radiant Historia is one of the most engaging JRPGs I've played, and the 3DS remake is even better.
The whole Etrian Odyssey series, I and V especially. Amazing dungeon crawlers where about every track of the OST is a banger.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Still the best Monster Hunter, change my mind. Actually, don't. Shame that it had to be on 3DS though.
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. My favourite Fire Emblem, map design is pretty bad though.

| I love the Zero Escape series.

| The entire Ace Attorney series!

| The world ends with you.

| MH4U is what got me into buying my 3DS! So fuuun. I spent more time with Fire Emblem games on the system. Fates being my most favorite.

| Nanashi no geemu

| Fire Emblem Awakening is my cocaine. Lucina is my custom theme to this day.

| I'll still say SMT4 and SMT4:A. were great.

| >>578064
Hey, I also have a Lucina custom theme! Nice! Started Awakening 3 times and haven't beaten it once, though. :v

Yes. Yes, they were. Still are, actually.

| >>578064 >>578073 these plus Kid Icarus Uprising, Stella Glow, Animal Crossing New Leaf, the Devil survivor games, Pokémon black and white(both 1 and 2), the second and third Pokémon Ranger games, The World ends with you, Resident Evil Revelations, Meteos and 7th Dragon III code VFD

| Kid Icarus: Uprising(3DS)
Rune Factory 4(3DS)
The World Ends With You(DS)
JUMP! Ultimate Stars(DS)

| >>439b68 This. and Metroid Prime Hunters(DS)

| 7th Dragon, played all of them including the 2020 on the PSP

Legend of The Unemployed Ninja: Izuna
Luminous Arc
Megaman ZX & ZXA
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Summon Night: Swordcraft story, all three of em
last but not least are the games made by Atlus

| I never finished it, but some of the music for Pokémon Diamond brings back feelings that are hard to explain

| DS:
The World Ends With You, Contact, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Pokemon (Platinum, HGSS, BW1&2)
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Monster Hunter 4U, Animal Crossing New Leaf, SMTIV/Apocalypse
Smash on the 3DS was actually really tight, but people probably don't play it online now that everyone's got Ultimate on the Switch.

| DS:
Phantasy Star 0
Super Mario 64 DS
All 2D Sonic games (4)
Custom Robo Arena
Layton games
Dragon Quest IX
Jump Stars Ultimate
Animal Crossing Wild World
Mario Kart DS
Pokémon (All, spin-offs included)
Kirby Super Star Ultra
... and a lot a lot more I can't remember right now lol
Pokémon RPGs up to ORAS
Sonic Generations
Zelda OoT and MM
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Inazuma Eleven
Phoenix Wright
Samus's Return
Fantasy Life
Super Smash Bros
Homebrew (xD)

| Only DS list
Pokémon (Black and white)
Animal crossing wild world
Ace attorney (any game)
New super Mario bros
Kirby super star ultra
Phantom detective (or something like that, but still. It a great game!)

| >>578238 Ghost trick It is i Guess mine its the world ends with you and for 3ds the smt 3ds games

| Fire Emblem Awakening is definitely a good one.

| Nintendogs because I'm a lame lolol

| Xenoblade Chronicles with 3D on at max.
>not joking sry

Also pokemon ORAS

| ... Face Raiders

| Everything that has to do with Ace Attorney, god fucking damn since the Godot case my hearth hasn't been the same.

| fossil fighters and fossil fighters champions are criminally underrated, ill think of more later. the 3ds port of street fighter 4 is also pretty great, since nobody has mentioned it yet.

| >>578239 yeah! That's it! Thanks so much!

| i love dragon quest IX for nds

| >>578680 I never actually played those games. I'll have to try one when I get a chance.

| 7th Dragon III: Code VFD and Monster Hunter XX for me

| Cooking Mama 1-5, Cooking Mama Sweet Shop, Gardening Mama 1 and 2, Camping Mama, and Crafting Mama

| Ghost Trick

| >>a619b2 Wow! Even better than Mama!

| Twewy, ghost trick, all of layton and ace attorney, okamiden, MAGICAL STARSIGN, cooking mamas, animal crossing, DQ IX

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