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Switch mini

| Thoughts?


| It sounds great at the lower price point. I'm just worried about some games that run poorly in portable mode. You would think that they could make it work like a laptop, by running at higher clock speed while charging/plugged in.

| Sounds good, buuut I think I'll still go for the regular switch

| I wish they went the other direction for the "lite" version. aka making it a full home console because who goes outside to play games again?

| (post continuation) and then maybe call it a switch pro lmao amirite

| >>578006 I believe they're using the newer tegra for this and also the new revision of the switch so it'll probably be basically the same or slightly better

| 90% of my playtime on my Switch is handheld and I've only ever detached the joycons out of morbid curiosity to find out how Smash plays on a single joycon (surprisingly well).
If I didn't already have a Switch, I'd be sold on the lite. Huge games like Xenoblade and BotW play great in handheld mode, and Bayonetta was a blast.
Plus Pokemon and Animal Crossing are great on the go.
It's basically Vita 2 except I won't be the only person who buys one

| >>578164 hello fellow Vita owner there are dozens of us!

| >>577990 They are changing the Bios so homebrewing won't be as "fat" Switch. But hoping they do so to break the no TV limitation (imagine playing Diablo III on that little screen, it's already uncomfortable in the already existing Switch)

>>578172 add me to the list! If only hackers were with us too.

| >>578187 they actually did finally hack the Vita! Check out r/vitahacks & r/vitapiracy (main sub doesn't allow for talk of piracy if that's your thing) you can use sd cards instead of the Sony ones with a plug-in now, adapter goes into the game card slot but hey it's still way cheeper

| >>578199 I didn't mean that. I know that I have it xD but not enough people makes English patchs for only Japan games. Or the emulator scene is in a state worst than Wii and Vita has so much potential. TheFlow who patched the GTA psp games for native resolution and dual joystick support for lot of games and did a lot for Vita abandoned it. There could be so many Pc game ports we can't do because the people who port games like Doom don't explain how they did so. Android ports too

| >>578211 aah I see
I agree, except it feels a little unfair to say he abandoned the scene when it felt like he was carrying it for quite a while there imo.
also he did give us the tools to make dual sick patches just need offsets I think?

As for the doom port by rinne I believe it was their personal project to Port the old id engine an an opengl renderer, I've not personally looked into it much but you need the source code to Port something like that unless you can asset swap

| Android ports are harder since it's java and not something like c (used for most old games) we can compile easier, for Android stuff someone needs to Port a Java vm or whatever black magic Android itself does.

It helps that doom already runs on everything and we can basically just fix an open source engine

| Hopefully, I can fit a condom over the mini, because I really want to Switch myself on.

| Most of my gaming is portable anyway, so this is right up my alley.

Except... No detachable controller. No local multiplayer Smash Bros... That's half the reason for buying Switch, gone

| >>578288
I ded'd

| >>578288 to be fair it's only $100 more for those features and Amazon prime day soon so maybe discounts?

| >>578393 I can only hope there is a discount. After I missed that $200 Spiderman bundle last year I vowed not to buy a switch unless it is around that price.

| Will probably be a good cheap alternative. I don't know any docked mode exclusive games.

| Seems nice, but in my region (probably bc of miniswitch announcement) price of bigswitch bundled with 1 game (zelda/ds:r/mc/smw) dropped to miniswitch without game level. So there's no reason to wait and buy/ pre-order miniswitch.
(But I'm too poor, so I'll anyway will stick with my 3ds)

| I would prefer a switch 2 with bigger (about 7") screen that doesn't suck like the original one. Seriously, I used to have 6,44" smartphone and it was awesome. And performance gotta be improved, so we could play witcher-level games without bleeding from our eyes. Better battery life would be appreciated too... But it looks like Nintendo desides to go on Apple's route of removing features, not adding

| >>578478 except Apple would charge you 500$ more than the original product.

| This isn't similar to Apple and it's done and been done time and time again, it's literally a switch at a lower cost missing a few features the 2ds ring a bell? What about goggles new pixel?

| >>578624 but when you count the price of the accessories you would most likely get the cost is not much lower

| I want to get 1 for my sister
She loves Zelda but only has an ipad mini

| I'm convinced the switch mini was just for the jp market, they already sell a switch without the dock for less there and I think this is just to be at a lower price point, also it might work as the popcorn problem (want small but it's "just a little bit more expensive for so much more popcorn")

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