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| And it's the squid.

| Can we fuck it?

| I thought it's about Dorothy that hurts me. (Keept refreshing and theres also monika) (fuck it, i refreshed page like 200 times and haven't seen squid yet, gonna think op is a liar)

| >>577661
No, I'm pretty sure it's just Monica.

| Monika banner with some code that looks like ruby but I don't think it is actually ruby
Kinda cool

| fucking monikammmmmmmmmmmm

| >>577935
Just Monika.

| Some of you have been tricked. It's was Mon-Ika Chan, not to be confused with Ikachan from the game Ikachan.

It's a little reference to something said by the pink one who I can't remember how was called.

| >pink one who I can't remember how was called.

>mildly mad as fuk

| Nice to see DDLC in 2019

| >>578046
Ah. I remember. There was a meta moment where they talked about how that joke didn't translate well and stuff.

| >>578076 I will twist the knife then.

Not only I don't remember her name; I prefer Yuri.

| >>578121
I respecc no problem.

| Yuri = best gurl

| >>578298
All who like Yuri are sharp g/u/rls

| /d/ got a new one too.

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This thread is permanently archived