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I haven't bought anything during the summer sale

| Not a single game.

| Wish I had as much control as you. I got Monolith and Tales of Vesperia. Former is amazing and for latter I might get a refund because of technical issues.

| I got Yakuza Kiwami, Death end re;quest, gal gun 2, the umihara kawase trilogy, bright memory and another one I don't remember right now

I hate having no self control

| I don't really have self control either. I just didn't have money and I use a toaster as a computer. Though, I am pretty much happy with my steam library as it is.

| >>577559 Same, even if I buy something I wouldn't be able to run it

| I bought two games for less than $5 but seriously thinking about buying the same game at full price because it's dang good apparently

| You aren't gonna play them anyway

| >>577636 probably for most, at least I already managed to beat Yakuza and moved to Death end re;quest
The other games may end up forgotten forever, though

| I bought No Man's Sky and it didn't fucking work so I refunded it. Shame.

Also got 1bitheart and Strange Telephone but those didnt cost $35 xd

| I have like 300 games in my Steam library and half them I'll probably never even play. I don't really buy PC games very often nowadays.

| A friend gifted me Monster Hunter Worlds. I like it a lot so far. Since I played a lot of portable third.

| 1bitheart and Broken Telephone are great options! Hell yeah.

| >>578003
bitheart has a nice charm about it, i thought i might not like the massive cast but its good so far!

strange telephone looks cool too but i havent touched it yet

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This thread is permanently archived