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Enter the Gungeon

| I started playing it again, and it's so fucking good! I absolutely love it! It's got a really nice combination of skill and RNG, the aesthetic and music is awesome and the weapons feel good to use.

What are some fun runs you've had? What are you gurls thoughts on the game in general?

| I've never beaten Gungeon but that doesn't stop my from trying again and again. I find the shooting and doing satisfying while the excitement of randomness keeps me coming back.

| I've played Gungeon for 600 hours and there are still bosses I can't beat and there is still room to get better. It's easily the most replayable game I've ever played (and it was cheap!)

| loved it. Got it for free from epic games...

| Watching let's plays is nothing compared to playing, even if you see all the secret or endgame fights you'll still have a great fucking time doing them yourself.

| best 3€ spent.
I'd gladly purchase it for 30€ in my next life.

| >>577456 What a coincidence, I also started playing it again recently. It's an awesome game. I've done 3 pasts so far and am struggling with convict's. Almost beaten it today, but somehow got on fire and didn't notice it until I died. Next 2-3 runs game starved me for ammo to the point of thinking of giving up on it again now. There are no ammo spawns or ammo god shrines whatsoever. Not even the shitty half cap boxes. I can't beat it with budget revolver and sawed off.

| Also unlike most other games, I feel bad every time I look up the wiki. I imagine discovering secret floors and stuff on one's own must feel awesome.

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I kind of agree with that, and I used to think like that, but when watching a let's play of the game a while back they searched up how to find that shit, and it's absolutely impossible to figure out on your own. The first person to do it must have been an absolute genius.

I haven't finished the game ever, but I think I'll try to finish it at least once this year. I've gotten a lot better, but it's a pretty skill intensive game to beat.

| >>577976 The more stuff you unlock the easier it gets generally. RNG can always screw you over like it does me with ammo now (shit items too). Other times you get something ridicolously good.
I bet they just shot a water gun into the fireplace for the heck of it with the first one.

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Probably. They didn't use a barrel, that's for sure.


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enterrr the goonjoon

| i picked it up the summer it came out and never got into it. put 30 hours into it and tried again recently but it's not for me. however I do REALLY love nuclear throne. I think gungeon is just too slow for me and I despise reloading

| Body the floor, bullet bullet the roof, gungeon wing to whisper one truth

| It's awesome how there's a homage/easter egg item or weapon for everything. Shame farewell to arms seems to be the last update.

| Im bad at dodging boolet and end up running into them on the first few frames of the roll and it makes me upsetti

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You just need more practice.

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