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Outer Wilds

| I really can't reccomend this game enough. It's polished to the brim, beautiful all around and a rich story to discover. It's a game that personally hits the spot when it comes to exploration and discovery like no other game I've played. It also does not hold your hand at all but gives you all the tools you'll need to play this game to the fullest. I really can't gush about it enough. Any of you g/u/rls had a chance to play this?

| Is this game out on PC? I keep seeing it recommended everywhere but the Steam page says its release is still TBD

| No Man's Sky is the Pinnacle of exploration and discovery.

| >>577091
I actually did enjoy that for a while, but it never quite did live up to the hype... it was still pretty good considering the games the company made before.
Right now I'm playing Elite: Dangerous for the first time in a while.

I'll have to check out this Outer Wilds game.

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This thread is permanently archived