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Just finished Zero Time Dilemma - Conclusions

| First of all

>GODDAMNIT K, the police won't help you, you are a damn buddhist robot guy!

I kind of want them to send the VLR characters to the past for the next game. Akane, Alice and Clover mentioned something about that during VLR, and the transporter should still work in that timeline.

I have complex motives to desire that, which include family reunions. At least two family reunions! But three would be even better!

| Some sort of love-hate relationship with the game. The models look nice, but at the same time, lacked "something". I don't know what. Diana standed out the most out of all, probably because all the red and orange.

Maybe I just missed the crazy designs from VLR. Yoko Taro Jr. was the only weird one.

The animations could have used a little more of work, but at least it's not VLR Clover's levels of animation.

The next Zero has to know they are the fourth or I will be disapointed.

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This thread is permanently archived