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Games with dynamic soundtrack

| You know how in NieR Automata, when you're in the desert, the music has more of this background feeling, but then you slide down the hill and you see the city in the distance and the vocal rises up?

Or how in Hyper Light Drifter, if you stumble on a giant's corpse, the music ratchets up, and it makes you feel so much smaller?

I love that. Do you know any other game or moments that does this?

| Legend of Dungeons soundtrack changes depending on what kind of character you play as well ad what kind of enemies are seen on screen.

| I think Devil May Cry 5's Music changes depending on how well you are playing the game

| FTL fades in drums when you're in combat & fades them out in peaceful times.
Portal 2 actually has this but it doesn't work very well. You can't hear it most of the time.

| most racing games does this as an example:

Burnout, before and after you activate "nitrous"

Need for Speed, Cop chase transition

most codemaster games; by the point you reach the last lap, the music changes.

CTR, music changes when you get the Baku power up

or if you're talking about RPG's then.. Ys' music is dynamic to the area and whether you are engaged in combat.

Games made by fromsoftware does this.

some dungeon crawler games like Etrian Odyssey is also dynamic

| games like Journey and Platformers such as Ori and the Blind forest has dynamic music also.

| Visual novel games.

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Ooh yeah, FTL actually has two different themes for each area, one for battle and one for regular exploration, but they fade into each other so smoothly

| Hollow knight

the 2016 one

Also REZ

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This, idk if any "video game journalists" actually got to hear the awesome music

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| Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The music in the boss battle gets more intense as the health of the boss decrease to a point, and eventually vocals kicks in too.


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