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Good 2D games this summer sale?

| I have an attention span problem that makes it hard to enjoy 3D games with lots of visual details, so anyone got games that is the antithesis of that to recommend?

Preferably something with good UI and maybe good writing too.

| Terraria, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Celeste, Axiom Verge, Chippy, Super Meat Boy, The Binding Of Isaac, Moonlighter, Crypt Of The Necromancer, Gris, Machinarium, Aquaria.

| FTL, dungeons of dreadmor, enter the gungeon, rogue legacy, tboi^.

| As much as I appreciate seeing the old favourites again, maybe throw in something a little less well-known?

... OOh! Points for remembering Aquaria tho! >>576326

>>576331 I looked at Dungeons of Dreadmor and the number of numbers and things in its UI is making me want to just lie down and sleep. Something less dense please.

| Nekopara

| Bloodstained, The Missing JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories, Wenjia, Ori and the Blind Forest, Papers Please, Momodora III, CrossCode, Tempest of the Heavens and Earth, LISA the Painful RPG, Wadanohara, Gray Garden, LiEat, Liar Genie, Celeste, Luna Nights, Metaloid, Geometry May, and Ribi-Rabi

i think that's a good selection of games maybe? lol

| >>b5f67f I fucking love Aquaria. You should like Hollow Knight too if it's something you fancy then. Rayman Origins is great. VVVVVV, Trine 2, Runman: Race Around The World, Hell Is Other Demons, Bastion, Transistor, Pyre (the last three being top-down isometric stuff, but they're fucking good, so is Hyper Light Drifter)

| My Friend Pedro, Gato Roboto, Baba Is You, FEZ, Child Of Light and I Am Setsuna are JRPGs, the latter being 3d, but still great, Katana Zero, Puzzle Quest 2 is a Bejeweled-DnD mashup that works extremely well, and Antichamber, which is a first-person puzzle game, but a must play. It will fuck with you and
you'll love it.

| Cosmic Star Heroine - A JRPG that feels like it is inspired by Phantasy Star and Chrono Trigger.

| Dang I already know most of these games. Letssee...

How's Momodora III compared to RutM? I liked that a lot but find it a bit too short and the lore uninvolved... Well I guess MIII is even shorter huh

Who HASN'T played Hollow Knight or Supergiant's games at this point? The only game I didn't know here is Hell is Other Demons. Seems great but I'm not a fan of the synth soundtrack, hmm

| >>576406 >>576407
My Friend Pedro seems like the kind of 3D I can't play. I already have enough >30h JRPGS on my plate, so please, don't make my backlog even worse.

Oh and btw this is op. Thanks for the recs, but keep them coming!

| >>576518 momodora can be completed in about... 2 hours? though you can get the newest one called reverie under the moonlight. the overall story and graphics are vastly improved and i think it's to your taste... well more like mine since i like platformers.

oh i actually forgot Sayonara Umihara Kawase, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Legend of Dark Witch.

hope this info is useful

| Do you like point n click adventure games?

If so i recommend the games by Wadjet Eye especially Unavowed and Technobabylon. I also like the two games by Clifftop Games - Kathy Rain and Whispers of a Machine.

| You might like Reventure, fairly new, a simple concept and clean looking. You're a hero and you have to save the princess... Or achieve one of the 100 endings there are, each of which take a couple minutes to get. It's great fun to pick up for a bit and come back to easily

| Not really 2d but right up your alley: tales of berseria, or trails of cold steel. Graphics are not to elaborate and they have great stories

| >>576609
y berseria tho? heard its p bad for a tales game and mc is edgy af

hardcore shmup action with sick beats
also it's made by woofycakes
so you are obliged to buy

| >>576530 not sure if.. uh.. you're replying to me or OP but since the context felt like a direct reply to my

>I like platformers

statement, then i can safely say i do enjoy point and click. it's kind of up there on my "genre of games i like", I'll try your suggestions thankies~

>captcha live roxy odin

| Hi this is op.

Hech yea, Wadjet Eye games are boss. Unavowed was a genuine masterpiece of narrative games. Haven't tried Technobabylon tho, not into the cyberpunk setting (yes ironic I know)

Ooh this looks interesting. I like the minimalist pixel look. Thanks!

I already have Blue Revolver! It's a solid schmup but didn't really click with me. The ost is a tad repetitive and I just like Touhou's patterned bullets much better

| >>576609
>glance guiltily at tales of xillia still in my backlog

Yeah, I think one tales of game at a time is enough

| >>576352 Don't remember any UI clutter problems. You could just try to do 1 floor and see if you like it, cause it's an awesome game. Says the guy who didn't even beat it.
Also got another one for you - muse dash. It's a cute rhytm game with chinese songs and japanese characters. Anyhow that's the only 2D game I bought this sale and it's not even on sale. There's no writing in it though.

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