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Gen Z g/u/rl encounters FFXII

| Henlooooo g/u/rls some months ago I asked y'all what would be a good Final Fantasy to enter the series, well I was more busy about finishing all the other RPG's I never finish and didn't want to enter Final Fantasy just yet, but my father gave me FFXII The Zodiac Age for the Switch as a birthday gift, so I wanted to know what y'all think of it, no spoilers please, so far as I got now I like it a lot

| Did they make a Gen Z after Gen X? Capcom is crazy with these Monster Hunter game titles, does that mean they are porting it to the Zboz Ztation 64?
XII is a game Square Enix isn't that proud of. That's all I can say, maybe it is the best FF but I doubt people even know it is a FF mainline game. It reminds of Crystal Chronicles, I want to try it but I already bough Cadence of Hyrule, Team Sonic Racing and Saints Row The Third, my wallet needs a rest or something secure xD

| XII has a good story and is backed by the great universe of Ivalice(the best one in Final Fantasy, IMO)
But it plays like some generic MMO or a watered down xenoblade.
I still find it worth all that because it's Ivalice in 3D

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This thread is permanently archived