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whoa this board has new banners

| thanks mods

pls dont lock

| If you mean the Deltarune one it has been around for a long time, if you mean other I'm not sure I've noticed, they could remove the 2017 notification of moving app but new banners is also cool I guess.

| >>569470 Not deltarune. The new banner is pretty much Dorothy bullying the reader for still playing children games

| But we spend those friday nights playing with you Dorothy!

| I guess my RNG is bad and I can't see it anymore but I swear I have seen it

| The new banner uses the text box from girls Frontline. It might be because they have a collab with va11-hall-a soon

| Sorry for lack of pics, was trying to upload it on Imgur but jesus, that website won't let me do shit unless i download their app.


| >>569470 By the way I completely agree about the notification thing. It can make people think that this is a "dead website" but it depends on prefetcher to update it. Someone should ping prefetcher and ask her to update it already

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This thread is permanently archived