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So Nintendo has won E3

| Nintendo was on fire this time, game after game. Most everything looks amazing. Dragon Quest/Banjo and Kazooie in Smash, Luigi's Mansion, Three Houses, Astral Chain, info on Animal Crossing, The Witcher coming to Switch, No More Heroes 3, multiple Zelda games including BOTW 2 in development. Among much more.

Probably their best direct yet, I'm quite pleased.

| Yeah, they completely stole the show
Maybe Sony knew and that's why they backed off from this E3

| I'm surprised they added banjo kazooie. I thought they didn't have the license but apparently they did and released him. BOTW 2 is gonna take a long time before it comes but glad they're doing something

| i can't believe they killed isabelle animal crossing

| Nintendo Direct wasn't a good start, as much as other conferences felt too much "Bloody games", Nintendo ones where "anime games" and most of them we already seen them. NMH3 was a surprise because we didn't know they would already have cutscenes. I'm grateful they didn't spend 10 minutes on Fire Emblem like they always do. But in terms of surprises I would say Microsoft was the best, fucking PSO2 out of nowhere and Lego Skywalker Saga.
No one tops Devolver.

| On the Smash side, I feel no connection to either DQ's heroes (I love the games anyway) or Banjo, definetly not getting the Smash Pass. I wonder if in the first trailer they were teasing an update for World of Light, I hope so but at the same time I don't want to play that gamemode ever again.

Cadence of Hyrule looks awesome and it seems we are getting an open world one, as the beat only appears when enemies are near (so this will be the truest Zelds game we ever had in years)

| >>569447 it looks like they'll reuse lot of assets so it'll be easier and faster to make, around 2021. I doubt they will reuse Hyrule completly (I hope). As this is a sequel it would be cool if the game used your Botw save and maybe that way you can access both worlds on the same game. Also this looks like the perfect chance to make Zelda finally playable (short hair equals player), and maybe even add Co-op. They could even add the other Champions, something like WW and MM.

| For Banjo >>569447 Microsoft still owns it, but they made a deal for use. Supposedly it wasn't a difficult deal to make.

| i was so happy when the dq hero got revealed,, erdrick is one of my most wanted characters, so nintendo won it for me already lol

| >>570010 I'm sad they weren't showing a remix, I like DQ music (kind of sad they are not modernizing the instruments with newer games) but it's not very fitting for a fighting game, it feels slow, at least it's better than Earthbound's boring music...?

| Metroid Prime 4
>initiate hibernation

| can't wait for nmh3

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