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Cyberpunk 2077 looks kinda fun

| Am getting hyped mostly for the atmosphere and body modification and hacking robots and shit.
I wonder if the fighting part and general exploration will be good.
Also its kinda disappointing that we still didnt see it rain yet.

| I'm just hoping for a good dialogue system tbh

| I'm hoping they didn't blow their entire budget on Keanu Reeves

| ^^^ good point, that and graphics.

| >>e2fbb2 I don't think he would ask for a huge sum of money because we all know how humble Keanu is.

But I wonder what role he has in the game? I hope he is a companion because I'd have him all the time.

But what if he dies?? Cyberwick can't die!

| Body mods look really crappy. The lines on the faces are so out of place and are there just to be there.
Also, I have some issues with hacking in the latest trailer. Wireless hacking using only your mind? Back in my day we lugged around cyberdecks for this shit. Also, having wireless capabilities in your body mods is just ASKING for trouble, probably the most stupid thing ever.

| >>569101 Keanu is Johnny Silverhand, a character from cyberpunk 2020 who's apparently loosely based on Johnny Mnemonic from the Gibson short story. Keanu Reeves is him because he played Johnny Mnemonic in the movie made from the short story.

| I just don't understand who and from where Kenau came from, like this year I saw I trailer about John Wick 3 and I was like "Was there a 1?" Then I discovered he also appears on Fortnite.
Is this guy Ryan Reinolds 2019 edition?

| I didn't like the Keanu thing I'm not fond of real world celebrities inside videogames
But other than that it looks really fun

| >>569137

Is this a joke or are you too young to have seen the Matrix trilogy of movies...?

Or, going back even older, Johnny Mnemonic and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

| Keanu's pretty much made for this role with just how much cyberpunk he's been around.

Though Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ryan Gosling would have been welcome too.

| >>569155 wait wtf that's him? I'm bad at names and faces with totally different hairstyle, but now that you say he actually is lol. It's weird because I have reconigzed him in other films not so well-known even cameos. Again wtf is John Wick, good movies?

Btw I'm 21 years old but I saw all the Matrix films two years ago, I never got into them before (well maybe I've seen them on TV as a kid but I can't remember)

| >>569181

John Wick was never as big as the Matrix films, but they have a cult following and are regarded as the movies where Keanu really "matured" as an actor- highly recommended!

Also he does most of his own stunts which is fucking amazing. I'm pretty sure.

| TLDR about John Wick: Retired russian mob hitman's wife dies from incurable disease- she gives him a puppy whom he bonds with before she dies.

Russian Mob don's son doesn't know who Wick is and, after Wick refuses to sell his fancy vintage car to him, Mob son visits with some of his dickless friends and beats Wick up, shoots his dog, and steals his car.

And from there, the story begins...

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