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PSO2 Finally comes west

| So after 7 fucking years it's finally coming west


For these who can't bother clicking the link:

"During the Xbox Conference at E3, it has been announced that PSO2 will finally be coming to the West on the Xbox One and Windows PC in the Spring of 2020.

During the trailer it’s said that all the content will be coming along with it. The game will be Free to Play similar to the JP version."

| *8

| a bit late...?

| I wonder what changed the mind of the "fantastic" director who said back in 2015 that Phantasy Star was never interesting to the west so he would never release it there.

8 years? I feel it has been an eternity. I wonder why now after all this years people stopped insisting (I guess) so saying "there are fewer fans on the west so we not releasing it" would be the normal way. Glad Sega is changing their ways.

| It'll be on the switch too eventually since it's already on it in Japan. Atm I'm waiting on FFXIV switch to be announced some time in the future.

| >>568956 on Switch atm is cloud service :/

| >>569136 well it is over 50 gigs atm PC

| >>569152 well it comes with different texture qualities that wouldn't be used on console. It could get the ARK treatment, a game that's over 130 GB on PC atm and just 14 GB on Switch (some content is cut, but it has the same content Ark had on Pc when it was only 89 GB)

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This thread is permanently archived