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E3 2019

| So... Any thoughts?

| Bloodlines gameplay might be fun.

| Pso2 finally on the west, been 3000 years

| Im waiting for Tales of Arise. It looks like a great time from the first looks of it.

| gears of war funko pop clash royale


| >>569133 the trailer is already fixed and uploaded to Youtube, check for it
It's beautiful what they can still add to Terraria, sad Otherworld never worked out.
What I'm more amazed is that they say this is not the last update they are doing.

| Thats good to hear, thanks for the information >>569135

| Terraria never ends

| Keanu Reeves being a main character in Cyberpunk 2077 is the highlight for me.

| That Japanese girl is the best thing Keanu is a close second

| Bloodlines look fun, but I hope they allow the game to be played in third-person like the first game

| >>569236 They have already said that they wont but the game will ship with mod support.

| Did the switch refresh get confirmed

| >>a91b3d no one said he'd be a main character but I hope he is a companion or something so I can have him with me all the time. I won't even have to shoot. Just let him cyberwick it up

| Watch Dogs Legion looks suprisingly good. I think this is what they should have done with the franchise from the beginning or atleast skipped 2 and when to this because Legion not only looks unique in its game mechanics (the half permadeath thing) but the open world looks a lot more fascinating than watch dogs 1 and 2 because its something new. And I'm just a dystopian cyberpunk fanboy

| >>569419 I think Watch Dogs 1's Open World was really good and detailed, I could spend hours just walking around it, I think the main problem was to be forced to play with 1 character you may not like. But now having multiple characters you have the chance to modify your experience and enjoy your walks with your most ideal character
Legion is literally what Watch Dogs's Multiplayer should be based.

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This thread is permanently archived