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I just got tje atelier arland series deluxe pack

| I feel like it was a terrible choice, I never played the atelier series before and buying three games at once is pretty risky

| Bad move dood, aren't they expensive? Ive heard they got googd gameplay if you can stomach the moe.

| >>568530 yeah, I have this serious problem of impulse buying when I'm feeling down

| The games are actually really good, as long as you're into anime, cute girls doing cute things and some time management.

| I feel you OP.
I spent way too much last month because I was feeling down and overworked.
And you know what, I was also looking at the atelier pack...
Maybe I'm gonna follow you

| Started with Rorona, so far it's a fun little RPG, crafting attack items is almost essential since everyone is so weak
And that's a good thing, most of the times attack items are usually the most useless and wasteful things in other RPGs

| Now I got Sterk on my party and battles got easier
I'm really enjoying the easy going v8be of the game

| >>0f740d
Crafting is the name of the game (not literally though). Obviously there are assignments and requests, but you also need it for combat and exploration. At least the bombs.
Just got to second year in Rorona, it gets a bit stressful if you try to accomplish as much as possible while going in blind (neither of which you have to do), but it's still really fun.

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This thread is permanently archived