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Our World Is Ended/Assault Spy

| So because I can't be assed to make 2 threads for anime games, why not make 1 for 2?
Has anyone played either game or can recommend it?

| I've played both didn't get far i either but highly recommend them,
Assault spy is like a corporate themed anime Devil May Cry
And our world is ended has a very interesting story as far as I got, but sometimes choices fly by the screen and you have to pick one before they vanish and the default is picked for you, it startled me at the first time

| I'm really interested in Assault Spy, being a Bayonetta/DMC fan, but I heard it has a lot of technical issues?

| I just finished AS's Asaru route today, not being big on DMC, I can't say I liked it much. It had nice jokes and characters, but I never cleared a boss on the first try (well maybe first one). Some moves are difficult to get right. There's the pretty strong 4-attack combo where you have to input 3rd attack precisely at the right moment. Too early and you do basic 3 combo or it's powered version, too late combo resets. Some moves require you to press X and B at the same time.

| Regarding technical issues - it froze once during my 6 hours with it (during a vn style dialogue surprisingly). That's about it so far. Don't feel like starting Amelia route now. Maybe later.
I guess if you don't spam 2-3 attacks all the time like I do and can go higher than A, then you should enjoy it.

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This thread is permanently archived