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Donating on a game's development?

| I'm making a platforming game but I don't have time enough to make it fast, so I've been thinking about making a Patreon or something else for donating and have people send me sketchs of enemies or decoration for... 5$?, this would make things faster for me and if the game is suscessful those who donated would be happy to have their own ideas in a game (I would code and sprite them). That's what I think, but, is that what would happen?

| And what is the best platform to do so? This would be for a limited time, as my target is to have around 50 enemies (I have already made 7 in game and another 7 sketched) and I plan to focus a lot in the game's development in these next three months

| I'm sorry did I get this right? You want people to pay you AND draw the designs for you?

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That appears to be the case.

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That's often the case for bigger games to have a pretty high donation tier like that, but usually only for 3-5 designs. Still kinda dumb though.

| One of two will happen,
1. Almost no one will pay you and you won't have enough funds for the project
2. Too many people will pay and you'll be flooded with designs that you'll have to shoehorn into the game one way or another

Maybe both, with $5 a character you're into an unsustainable trap as more stuff to put into the game == more development time == more costs

| So you basically want people to both work for you and also pay you? You a real coolDUDE. Fucking hell.

I won't judge you too hard, it's not the worst idea, but I can guarantee that it will not work out well for you.

You should just grind at the game in your spare time. It'll take a long fucking time, but that's just how it is.

A couple patrons to back you up while you do it is nice, but they need to get something for back for it. Not give you money AND free enemy designs.

| Nooo you are getting it wrong, I don't want people to draw them and just take their work.
I would do all the hard work, the sprites and coding would be on my hand, the person who would like a certain concept of enemy would send to me a description or a sketch (just a stickman with no context if he wants) of what would he like to see and he would be credited for that. (If he wants a dolphin with wheels that jumps, I'll add it)

| >>568352 I would limit this offer for just 50 enemies and I would do that for free but I don't even know where to start (that's why I was starting this thread) and as Patreon is (I think) something popular and must-pay at least I would go for the cheapest way for everyone to contribute, if the minimun is 0 I would go for it. If this option can't be free at least I would use the money to hire someone (but with 50€/$ I wouldn't be able to afford even 4 songs xD)

| However, thanks /u/ for showing me the trouble behind this, people would also misunderstand my intentions and few people would check what it is about, making the game unpopular. I won't go with this idea (I wasn't going to, I was just asking) and nothing similar. I feel bad and I hope you pardon me for this kind of idea.

| I think your model would only work if your project has gained cult popularity.

I mean there was a time when people were lining up to contribute on Yandere Simulator to the point that the guy made a vid about "if your art is not good, then don't even bother because I've got enough fan contributor"

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Don't feel bad. As I said the idea isn't the worst, and it could work in some cases, but as a start-up something like that would be more or less impossible.

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