GFL collab

| Heard the news that Va-11 Hall-a gonna collab with GFL? Pretty hyped for it.

| Coming this August to EN!

| GFL? Wtf and wdiknai yet, tic you know.

Sorry to be so sarcastic and stupid but can you please open up a little and express the names as they are? People want to know too and just by "GFL" I have no idea what you are talking about, is it Gears for Life? Gaia Front Line? A meme based on a cacha?

| >>567608 I feel like you could have answered this by your second guess

Girls Frontline or Dolls Frontline in Japan because someone took the name before it made it over

| The art they're releasing for it is cool as hell. Cool enough to convince me to download the game to prepare for the event

| Only one week left, can't wait to get 416 drunk

| >>568282 Don't give liquor to 416!

| I want to get 416 drunk and cuddle with her

| >>568371 That's where everything gets wild

>fuck pops carat

| https://youtu.be/ycGrME6o0AU

PV trailer

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D82n3F6V4AANTp3?format=jpg&name=large

Looking at the background I noticed there is a DANGER/U/ logo.

There are other images, like Sei and Stella switching places and Jill dressed as Julianne

| >>568371 416 realy drunk in the story LOL

| Will never touch gfl, but that pv looks gteat.

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