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GFL collab

| Heard the news that Va-11 Hall-a gonna collab with GFL? Pretty hyped for it.

| Coming this August to EN!

| GFL? Wtf and wdiknai yet, tic you know.

Sorry to be so sarcastic and stupid but can you please open up a little and express the names as they are? People want to know too and just by "GFL" I have no idea what you are talking about, is it Gears for Life? Gaia Front Line? A meme based on a cacha?

| >>567608 I feel like you could have answered this by your second guess

Girls Frontline or Dolls Frontline in Japan because someone took the name before it made it over

| The art they're releasing for it is cool as hell. Cool enough to convince me to download the game to prepare for the event

| Only one week left, can't wait to get 416 drunk

| >>568282 Don't give liquor to 416!

| I want to get 416 drunk and cuddle with her

| >>568371 That's where everything gets wild

>fuck pops carat

| https://youtu.be/ycGrME6o0AU

PV trailer

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D82n3F6V4AANTp3?format=jpg&name=large

Looking at the background I noticed there is a DANGER/U/ logo.

There are other images, like Sei and Stella switching places and Jill dressed as Julianne

| >>568371 416 realy drunk in the story LOL

| Will never touch gfl, but that pv looks gteat.

| gurl i wish i had money to buy girls frontline merch at etsy

| I want the UMP Jacket so badly, I lied about owning one, I really wanted to be cool as the other UMP gurls but it's expensive as fuck! I really want to show UMP45 how much I love her by wearing her jacket all day and show her my pride of being part of the UMP gang!

| This shit is going to be ♡r a d☆

| Wizard Jill with editable tiles soon.

| I just started playing, I'll be able to farm them if I just grind everyday until August right?

| The grind can be a bit tedious and even difficult, but there's plentry of guides online. Try to get yourself a good handgun just in case they commit the douchebaggery of making every stage a night stage

| Is this game actually fun?

| Yes and no I found it pretty fun at the start because you get a lot of the low tier waifus and it's nice to look at their designs and the maps can be interesting to try and get all the metals for but once you get late game it's a lot of grinding but it's mobile only so it's a pain to do compared to doing it on a PC imo

| >>583600

You can play the game on an emulator like Bluestacks for a PC experience. owo

Especially if your computer can handle running it at 60fps.

| Yeah you can but both BlueStacks and nox are basically Chinese spyware leaving the official Android emulator which is pretty slow so if you're a privacy focused person it's not great

| >>584153

Nox certainly is, but I've been using a program called BSTweaker to run Bluestacks. It bypasses all the weird login stuff and even allows me to update the emulator to various paid versions for free, so my *assumption* is that cuts out all the bloatware, but your mileage may vary.

| Well, that is a no deal for me. I would rather be a part of the Girl's Backline, you know what I mean? winkwink

| I think there is a new soundtrack in the Collab!! Not sure if it's by garoad tho

| Actually nvm it's the same

| i havent played gfl in a long time cause i got bored but this is bringing me back.

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