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Which csgo knife should I get

| I'm willing to maybe spend at max 150 euros on a knife

And with that I can either get a pretty decent looking flip or falchion knife

Or a shit looking karambit or butterfly knife

I mean I like karambits and butterfly knives for the obvious reasons that their animations are cool and are fun to look at when surfing aswell

But I also think that having a non-battle scarred fade knife or something would look better but at the cost of the fun animations

| You are the reason why microtransactions and gambling games exist

| Please, don't waste your money on cosmetic items, go buy another game or save your money but don't waste with cosmetic items....

| Why would you spend so damn much on it? I got one from a crate once and sold instantly, been buying stuff on steam for a year with the earnings. 150 euros is a god damn fortune where I live. Hell, salaries are 400 euros.

retch enema spree

| OP Rope yourself

| People are dying from starvation in Africa while this OP is fucking asking what virtual knife should he get at a price of 150 euros.

Atleast buy a new game or something. If you don't know how to waste your money cuz ur rich af, then you should give us some free steam keys. :)

| I'm just a fucking seen shut in who lives his whole life online and would find more value in 150€ of virtual items than of things irl. Tho I say that it's not like I would pay for microtransactions in any game. The only game I find worth to spend money on microtransactions is csgo.

| Would you really get 150€ of value out of whatever knife you buy?

| Get the knife in the kitchen and do us all a favor and follow the road, more bloodly than just crossing it.

| >>567394 400 euros? Is that even legal? Isn't the European minimun limit 900€?

| >>567557 I'm not from a Euro country, converted it. Guess if it was 900, I'd be thiking about buying useless expensive cosmetic in-game items as well. Can't even buy some new games as it is.

| >>567590 normally food is 50-60 euros per week, around 200€ per month, if you usually go to restaurants it could get up to 600€. Electricity is 60€ per two months + gas which varies between seasons (200€ on Winter). Add the rent of a "modest" house or a bedroom which usually is from 400 to 600€. So in two months you would work for 1800€, but you'll only see from -100 to 590€ (higher you save, lower you spend, poorer you live) not adding Internet and transports.

| Anyhow not even to a person with a salary of 10.000€ I would recommend him to spend money on cosmetics, specially on Counter-Strike ones which are the most useless and most expensive of all existing games.
It's okey to buy games, it's ok to donate to streamers or charities. But it's not okey to contribute to the develop of a broken system which is pure based on nothing but .png files.

| >>567594 Still a lot if you don't have to rent a place. Here, renting a small appartament on the city outskirts would cost 250 of those 400 that you earn.

I know the basic necessities scale up in price in the west, that doesn't change the fact that you end up with more buying power per month than folks over at countries with weak currencies, cause most western products and services scale with euro and dollar (games included).

I do agree with you on the main thesis, however.

| >>567635 this is the "European supposed ideal average" it really differs between countries and even cities. Actually I'm kind of surprised Spain (a country which is among the worst in a lot of things on the EU [and the world]) is around that average.

| I mean regardless of what the average is in any particular European country, i doubt anyone would agree buying a 150 euro png is a good choice, no matter the reasoning.

| Well, if you really want to waste away your money like that, then the butterfly knife is not a bad choice. Just sayin

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