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Pokemon Sword and Shield direct tomorrow

| Just a reminder for everyone. It's at 9 am EST. c:

| Och, ya be a fine lass, bringin da craic aboot this.

| Does someone still have faith in Pokemon? With new trailers all I feel is to get all my Pokemon games from GB, GBA, DS, Wii, 3DS and Switch and throw them to the trash can hoping a homeless person finds them and vomits into them because he too knows how bad and cheap Pokémon is becoming per game.

Since Sun and Moon these games have been playgrounds for the developers who don't take serious their series anymore.

Wild area looks amazing and raid battles got me pumped up
The only bad thing are the legendaries but who cares? Legendary Pokémon aren't allowed in competitions anyway

| New pokemon designs are so-so, giant pokemon are just fucking dumb.
So far really on the fence about this one.

| >>567827 >>567790 the legendaries are more Digimon than any Digimon itself. They made me want to play Next Order and I'm enjoying it so much, and it's a same because I love the bond you have with your Digimon, you can't have anything like that with your Pokémon, they are just stat holders.
Wild area is just a test sandbox they left to make the game a little longer because story is going to be even shorter than 7th gen. Wild area makes the overworld even more empty than it was in 3D

| Giant Pokemon isnt't a bad concept but you can't just resize the model, the grass starter looks like a fucking balloon. They should have paint the Pokémon in a kind of aura with the shade of their types. Give them a "myst" look. Few Pokémon are going to look good being resized, the worst part is that Wailord is going to be even smaller because they don't respect sizes. Maximized Kyogre should literally be the size of Primal Kyogre, but of course they won't respect this.

| Imagine a real sized Wailord getting even bigger
Maybe one day they'll respect the pokédex sizes

| The wildlands look great, they'll add the exploration that su/mo lacked. Raids look good too, something to do with friends. I'm npt a fan of Dynamax though. Having giant pokemon outside of raids probably won't look great. The legendary designs aren't reall that good either, but overall the game looks interesting

| I like the new pokemons, beside the legendaries. The crowkight looks awesome.

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This thread is permanently archived