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| How big is your backlog?

Which games did you regret buying?

Do you have plans to play them?

| there are only a few games I really regret buying, and which I never plan to play. one of them is called Rocketbirds and it was pretty much just a scam.
As for a backlog, there's a lot of games that I don't play often, but I do still play them. Only about 1/5 of my games have not been played in the past two months or so.

| I regret buying all Pokemon games since Pokemon Sun, but at least I kind of enjoyed them except for Let's Go, I feel bad just by knowing I have Let's Go. Regret buying Dice's Battlefront II, lame decision. I never finished Resident Evil 7 but I don't regret it. I also bought No Man's Sky and I don't feel bad about it. Also Ark didn't play as much as I wanted, the price got higher after I bought it, I was expecting to play it with friends, who won't pay for the game even at 20€

| I regret buying battlefield 4 since i didn't relised the game was very old and alot of the server either always full or empty and also i regret buying payday 2 with all dlc.
As for backlog probably counter strike global offensive, haven't play the game for a while since i only bought it because friends play it too

| Backlog on consoles has a few... hundred games...
PC backlog is like a digital purgatory for the damned.

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Yeahhh same. And my backlogs are only growing bigger each year (if not each month).

| Yeah I am really relatimg to that digital purgatory thing. My thing atm is playing a game and when I either beat it or just get sick of it, I'll uninstall it.

Still keep the games I play on the reg installed tho

| I never had a "backlog" until I got a job and started buying games with my own money
Now I'm flooded with games and steam summer sale is coming soon to make my backlog an even larger monstrosity

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Ah, fuck. I legit forgot about the summer sale. Time to spend all my money on food, drinks and questionable impulse buying, just so my backlog won't grow uncontrollably again.

| Certainly developed a horde horse mentality with getting games cheap that'll hopefully find some time to play. More often than not just play f2p comfort games with the occasional triple A title inbetween.

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