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headset VR

| I want to play some Pc games on VR, I don't want to spend too much money (I wouldn't buy a motion controller or that box detention zone). Should I go for one of those where you place your phone? They are cheap but I never heard if they are bad.
I'm asking /u/, what have you tried? What do you recommend?

| Phone is fine. Its not godlike but its fine.

| Phone is pretty good, I spent a lot of time with it, but playing pc games with it is a bit of a challenge.

I'd reccomend a wmr headset, they're *relatively* cheap (~£160), and you have the option of moving around, if you want that in the future.

| I would not put a phone's screen in front of my eyes in such a short distance for any extended period of time.
There is a reason why real VR gear is so expensive and cheaping out with even your own health is not worth it

| >>566228 that's what the industry wants you to think, so you buy their more expensive products believing that you are protecting yourself
It's all lies, expensive VR or just phone VR both are bad for your eyes if used for too long without breaks

| >>566319 you are technically right, but anyhow a screen of a phone that was never intended to be used for VR isn't the same than a screen that was developed for that use, it should be less harmful.
>>566006 >>566205 can you stream your Pc screen on your phone via cable or the only possible way it's by Wi-fi?
>>566205 about wmr, I know it detects the space around by cameras, but it is affected by lights around? I wonder if it works bad in rooms at night.

| G/u/rls tech is only harmful in that it makes it so you don't blink as often, so long as you blink you should be fine

| >>863159 I have only ever seen it done with casting, but I suppose you could. It would be a headache though, especially with the cables not being as secure of a connection.

Also WMR works better with more light l, but I'll run a few tests with just the light of a monitor or something and get back to you.

| >>863159 okay, so the testing I did was by no means comprehensive, however wmr does work, fairly well, in a low-ish light level environment.

I'm sure if you were in total darkness it wouldn't work as well, but you would still have the 3 degrees of freedom. Which means you can look around providing you stay in the same place.

If you want a cheap solution for lighting, get a strip of those LED light things and string them around the perimeter of your room.

| >>566679 sounds good, what brand are you using? I have searched around the Internet and I can't see prices as different as some VR headsets (true is that I see some of these with cameras so maybe they are MR too), and I don't know any local store having these kind of tech.

| >crossing fingers that Subverse will support VR

| >>566904 isn't that a porn X-Com game? Well now that you say it I would really like to see some strategic games in VR, would be really unique to play.

| >>863159 I use the Lenovo explorer, I guess I got a little lucky with the price but people do sell them without controllers for cheaper. Which is what you want right?

I don't think they make them any more, your best bet is getting one off eBay or something similar.

If the prices are similar to other headsets, then maybe get one of those, but you will probably need to set up those sensor things. That's why I reccomend wmr.

| The Homeworld series in VR would be sweet if you want strategic stuff.

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