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The State of Video Games (For Me)

| I would no-life the fuck out of any game I found up until middles school (Comp FPS like games especially). Nowadays FPS suck ass and fewer and fewer games are actually good (Multiplayer Especially). I have fun in some games like R6S (even dota2) Warframe, Ruiner, Doom etc. but thats temporary. Single player games are alright but I love fighting against real people, its a HUGE BOOST in replayability value. But I feel like the "you cant have fun in video games" meme is coming true...

| It's just that thanks to shit like steam, quantity is priority over quality. When you can have hundreds of games for cheap, you won't be forced to play them for long.
But instead of complaining, you should go and search for the good games out of those hundreds.

| Have you played Tekken or Super Smash Bros.? This two games had me playing for years and I can't get enough. These fighting games are fun because it's competitive and looks freaking cool. Any other fighting games like King of Fighters are favs to me. Find out your own passion in gaming and start exploring more games from there. Don't just follow the trends, everyone's preferences is different.

| >>561632

this tbh

| There are three types of AAA games nowadays
A1 - "let's please the critics with whatever social thing they care about now" mediocre games
A2 - "let's avoid taking risks and please our established fanbase" meh games
A3 - "we got a hotshot director and we'll give him/her full freedom to do the game however he/she wants" brilliant masterpieces(or weird failed attempts)

| I've been playing mordhau the past few days, there's no ranked competitive yet but I think they want to add one or someone will make one when mod tools come out

(It's a melee game like chiv only not bad)

| But I agree op, but I think it's just depression or maybe just getting older but I can't enjoy most games anymore, or I do enjoy them but have no motivation to play them, a mix of being fucked up and choice paralyses I guess

| Maybe you should try out some new genres

| Ever since singleplayer games started requiring constant internet, I ducked out.

Been cracking ever since bc its dumb to go online for a singleplayer campaign.

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