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Most boring game you've ever played.

| You know life's pretty hectic nowadays. Gotta play some boring games sometimes.

| Metroid other M
Nothing is more boring than extremely long highly frequent unskipable cutscenes

| Battlefield 4's sp mode

| Rage (maybe not most, but comes up first due to upcoming sequel)

| Games which are lowkey and chill, or games that are just so awful they are boring?

| PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

| Most jrpgs. Only played them to get conversation topic with my nerdy friends. I never said that to my friends of course

| Assasin's Creed III, I got so bored I finished... guezz what a boring game.
This happens to me with all games that tries to be cinematic in a serious standard... That's why I never got a Ps3/Ps4, I don't want a console to sleep in front of.

| Borderlands

| Hot takes here, but CrossCode, despite being initially amazing, has managed to bore me to figurative death.

| >>561257 I stopped on what I think was either halfway or just barely finishing the tutorial island (no idea about its length)

I blame it to its absolutely awful wholesome atmosphere and the fact that it fails to even come close to what a real old school/topdown mmo looked like. The fact that it's based around that doesn't help at all.

| >>561293 Tutorial island? There is no Ireland in that game.

The tutorial is the S.S. Sun Something, the race with Emily and the rookie harbor tour.

| >>561299

Any enclosed space can be a tutorial island :P

Just googled it, I stopped at Bergen trail, where I just couldn't stand it no more

| What? I loved crosscode to bits, just wish I could choose classes like in an actual MMO

| Time And Eternity... That game was just... ugh...

| Midnight Animal

| SMT Nocturne became a chore towards the end.

| Stanley's parable if you seriously try to do the 4 hour baby mission

| >>561345
I thought that one was a slasher movie?

| Persona 5

| >>561534 There's probably a slasher with the same name, but this MA was a top-down shooter riding off of Hotline Miami's success. Complete with tiddy fanservice, edgy dialogue and one anime ass plot (so a really boring one)

I dunno what made the dev scrap it. Too many complaints on reddit or whatever, but now it's been remade into a plotless top-down shooter. I haven't gone back to it, and if I wanted to I'd rather just play some HLM.

| >>561729 wait, it was an actual HLM mod. Scrapped as of 2018, so F.

| I thought midnight animal was the name of the slasher movie/opening chapter of Hotline 2. It's not an actual film.

| Any Bethesda game

| SVEN and most Source games are quite boring. Slow movement, hitscanners, ect.
Hollow Knight and Rain World are very soothing and calm, at times. Less so at others, for obvious 'bosses/games are hard' reasons.
As for Cross Code, it is kinda too faithful to old MMOs regarding the gameplay loop, grindy for the sake of it, or at least the high number of side quests insinuates this. Also: Platforming on ice + timed explosive puzzles.
I can also understand the aesthetic discrepency.

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