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| I take it back. It's not even that popular anymore. Even all of my party members had moved on to another game called PUBG, or it's pet name, FUKG. Literally, fuck that game. Because of it, Dota 2 is DEAD. FITE ME

| man remember when mobas were the biggest meme fad.

i'm glad they're dying out, but tbh, i wish battle royales would die out quicker.

probably only a couple years left though.

| We should go back to the times of offline single-player gaming
Floppy disks, that's what's rad

| >>560419
I don't know, I don't miss carrying a bag full of floppies at all. Have you seen how fragile those things are?

| Literally the most cancerous phenomena on the wired. They all should die horribly.

| >>5604197
I wish there would be a global internet outage so that the adhd zoomers have to play single player games for a while.

| I wish there were competitive esports games that were actually interesting to watch. Shooters and MOBAs just don't do it for me.

| >>560836 well there's something called Rocket League where it's basically soccer, but with cars. It's pretty I teresting to watch.

| *interesting

| >>560892 rocket league is one of the few games worth watching other people play, moreso if you limit it to only esports

| I'd rather watch a Chess, Ludo or Monopoly match even though those last two are based on RNG. Soccer is boring and fake why would I like to watch a bunch of teens doing it on a car behind a screen where there is no risk? Well if you live in USA you can get shot, but other than that, no risk, no entertainment in all the time the same

| >>560985
Monopoly is anything but RNG if you're extremely good at strategizing your actions and actually taking part in the auctions. Also smooth talking other player helps a lot. That's literally the point of Monopoly.

| >>561001 I mean you can get lower numbers on the dice while others get higher numbers all the time, in late game that could be bad for you, also the special cards that give you bonuses or disavantages are (supposedly if no one is cheating) randomized. You can be the best economist in the world, but I doubt on the worst case for you you can win someone who got luckier or better said, un-unluckier.

| Dota isn't dying in a sense that it's hardcore player base are still playing the game and most of they casuals have found something else to play

| Dota isn't nearly as popular as LoL because C H I N A

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