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Got some steam keys to give away

| I have some game keys I don't intent to redeem because of Humble Monthly or the bundles there. Just say which key you took and spare others some frustration.

Mutant Year Zero

She Remembered Caterpillars

Steel Rats


Bomber Crew

Human: Fall Flat

Serial Cleaner

| Got human fall flat. Left the others. Thanks based g/u/rl.

| Picked up Steel Rats. Thanks!

| Tannenburg for me. Thyanks

| just picked up mutant year! you're a godsend, gurl

| Bomber Crew sounds fun so i picked it up, thanks for all the g/u/rls for not being greedy

| Some g/u/rl grabbed Serial Cleaner. :'(

| Wow, OP! That's so nice of you

| Damn, someone got fall falt.

| >>560693
Sorry anon, I did. It's the only game I wanted to play so I left the others at least. We should be thankful to OP for being such an awesome person.

| Mutant Year Zero
i take this
thank you so much

| Thanks op and cool g/u/rls! What a nice thread.

| Well, have some more keys for games but kinda hoarded because of bundles.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Construction Simulator 2015

Dirt 4

Pinstripe (have that one already but, again, bundles)

Super House of the Dead Ninjas

Super House of the Dead Ninjas: True Ninja Pack

RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker XP

| >>560939 thank you so much! Got super house of the dead ninjas and the pack, thats it. Not taking all of them so everyone can get some too

| >>560939
Someone has already grabbed both RPG Makers without so much as a word. Welp, thanks for your generosity anyways.

| Shit. I wanted a copy of dirt 4.

| You're amazing, OP!


| I think some g/u/rl nabbed em all. Pinstripe and Construction Sim are gone too.

| Can you claim the games, and then gift them away? Just like... Say which games are available, and then everyone either writes down their user and what they want or they contact you and you give them the key? That way one mean g/u/rl couldn't just come in and grab em all. Idk, seems like a lot of work.

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This thread is permanently archived