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Busted joycons

| So fellas I've tried recalibration but I can't seem to fix them. Is there some way I can do that without sending them in for repair?

| A can of Compressed air, some cotton swabs with alcohol or a dry brush under the analog sticks usually do the trick
No need to do all three either, just pick the one easiest for you

| I just blew under the rubber of the stuck and it got better
It's a common problem, which is kinda dissapointing

| I myself don't know what kind of shops shell compressed air.
My Joy-Cons started to do the same a year ago and I had to buy new ones because I didn't know what to do, by that time the only solution known was replacement or new one.
What kind of powerful blows you do? Because now you are Superman or sonething

| Just use the joycons as dildos. Bam. Problem solved.

| >>559930 Yes, you can even make them vibrate

| >>560118 >>559930
This goes on the Technology board, thank you.

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This thread is permanently archived