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After beating MSG 1-5...

| As the title says, what should one play after finishing through metal gear solid 1-5? Is there any recent titles on the ps3 or ps4?

| Dammit lol MGS, you know what I mean lol

| Did you play Peace Walker and Portable Ops?

| You get int fetal position and try not to cry
If Survive is anything, it's an indicative that there won't be any good Metal Gear Anymore

| >>559043
MGS died with the pachinko machine and Survive. It's such a shame

| Survive is not metal gear so it shouldn't even be taken into account for anything

| >>559041 I havent gotten to peace Walker or portable ops but I just wanted if there was a specific order in which I should play the other games?

| >>559163

Just play them in release order,they will seem scrambled in terms of when they take place but it's done on purpose

| >>559169 alright, will do! Thanks /g/urls!

| You played 5 without playing peace walker?

| I've been planning on playing through the MGS series but if you haven't played metal gear rising revengeance I'd definitely recommend playing that

| >>559621 a terrible Metal Gear but an amazing game on its own
Plus it predicted Trump's MAGA

| >>559272 I just finished 4 and I'm going to start 5 soon but I know there's a lot of spin offs and other games in the series so I thought I'd ask in case I missed anything in released date.

| Yeah on the mgs3 disk you can play metal gear 1 and 2 (the classic games) which continues mgs 5 story and comes "full circle" with mgs1.

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