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Is it safe to keep playing, /v/?

| ?

| Si

| 2 minutes in and you're already playing bad games *sad face*

| Only if Dorothy is in it.

| >>558978 but what if it is in Dorothy?

| >>559127 depends on what's in Dorothy.

| >>559129 You know how Dorothy is. You know that everything goes.

| >>559154
Dude. What if everything is inside Dorothy. Like, the whole universe and shit. Just in Dorothy. That would be rad.

| only if you're done saving g/u/rl

| >>559275
I don't save, I finish the game in one sitting.

| A thought. Ever noticed that a lot of characters lost or can remove their hands? Like Betty's friends, Alma, that girl Alma gave her hands to, Dana, Dorothy and Taylor the brain?

Yoshikage Kira.

| >>559312
VA-11 is part of the Prequel. Everyone should know that.

| >>559312 Yeah, it's interesting when you put it like that. +rep for your observation

| >>559410 Rep/u/tation? Now two burgs can be part of my gang?

| >>559312 You can count Jamie and Anna too I think, they both lost an arm. And it doesn't surprise me, considering how shady/dangerous Glitch City is. Even Jill makes the comment that some people seem more machine than human at one point, like Jamie.

| When AR+VR is widespread, we need to obtain a large area so that glitch city can actually exist. Boston is a starting idea; we can make the entrance at one of the steampipe entrances. Draw glitch city's logo within 5m and it should glitch out and be a SAFE player-designed Glitch City. There should be multiple entrances in other cities that are similar to landmarks in glitch city. A few should be public, the rest should be hidden and undocumented in random parts of the world.

| >>559494 I think is called VrChat and the gateway is your Pc.
Its community is just... a little toxic. I'm sorry but I think /ur/ (r for reality) wouldn't be a difference and that's sad because there are good people, but there are more of those who not understand society globalized. And paying +1000$/€ for an experience like that..

Idk I really wish I'm wrong.

| >>559501
VRchat is absolute garbage

| >>559532
Correction, "public" VRchat is garbage.

| >>559476 How could I forget those two? Time for a third run, I guess.

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