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Dilema about GBA

| Today I found out my old GBA SP's battery broke and I can't use it anymore (screen is half broken too) I have a GB Micro and my plan was to, when I had to, get the right componets to link both consoles. But now I'm screwed and I don't know what is easier and cheaper to do, repairing the Sp, buying another Micro or buying another or 2 GBAs. Cable Link is really cheap, so Micro one, but the Micro adapter seems like only one exists in the world (+ costs as much as an SP's screen)

| Just blow on it lol the cartridge, the slot, the screen that's how you fix everything with GBAs back in the day lolol.

But in all seriousness, if you know how it works and don't mind opening it up then go for it but it seems easier to just buy a new one. It shouldn't be too expensive, right?

| The battery should be just around 7€ on Amazon, but about the screen, I couldn't find any original SP screen, on the Internet you can only find the AGS-101 one which makes quality image really good, but it also is between 70-96€ on Amazon. Buying another SP would be 35-52€ on Ebay (Web Im not sure I should trust) GBA gets to 59€ on Ebay too.

| But going for the GBA would mean I need 2 GBAs (I highly doubt about Micro-GBA) so I would have to buy two GBAs + a Cable Link.
If I buy a Micro, it would be 60-120€ on Ebay or 89-300€ on Amazon + Micro Link Cable.
Both cable Links are cheap, less than 10€.

| Is it possible to link up 2 original DS's for the same use?
As the original DS has the GBA slot, of course

| >>559180 the DS had no link cable slot and didn't even emulate a wireless adapter, it was locked on single player completely for GBA games

| >>559180 >>559184 There are some Homebrew apps on DS that let you interact with the GBA slot, backup a save file or launch it. However it looks like no one tried to use this feature to emulate Link connection (No one is interested ib developing anything for DS :/)

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This thread is permanently archived