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I just beat Hollow Knight's NKG and I'm super excited about it

| Hey there, same g/u/rl that beat Brooding Mawlek as first boss here. Finally managed to get through NKG after getting pretty much everything I could get, and holy shit, what an amazing fight. The aesthetic, the music, the careful dance of dodging and going in for a charged slash, the full screen title card (personally the most impactful element the first few times), the MUSIC. Kinda bummed about uhhh lack of closure(?) but otherwise it was so exhilarating and so satisfying.

| You want closure, you go to The Patheon of The Hollownest, that is the best closure for me.

| >>559023
Nah, I meant the closure for the Grimm Troupe's story. Also, I've never been a big fan of boss rushes and the Pantheon just seems like plain torture to me.

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This thread is permanently archived