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Games with fun stuff to mess with

| I've learned that Half-Life has a sentences.txt file found in sounds folder and you can change what the grunts say to something funny.

Other Source games are easy to mess with as the files are easy to change.
Would be nice to see more stuff where you can mess with shits by either messing with files or in gameplay

| Are you including modding into this? Third party or first party tools? Because technically you can just redraw some textures to make them funnier. Or mess with the physics code to see what happens or create your own vehicles out of this just by messing with files (on GTA SA you can change how the wheels work and make some crazy stuff without editing the model)
Also Minecraft's command system is REALLY customizable, you can make your own GB inside.

| >>558401 make your own blocks, items, mobs... literally you can make a new game out of Minecraft without closing the game.

| Also messing around with RAM in any game/emulator with Cheat Engine is included?

| >>74f9cf Yes, Pretty much anything that is easy to mod with notepad (or other softwares) or easy to mess with in game, And yeah i guess corrupting is fun as well
btw you can also mess with gta sa's gun stats

| I can't remember what game it was but it was an old Pc strategy game where you could put anything on the voices.
The Escapists let you customize the messages that NPC says, added name anyone like you want, you can do some cool stuff.
Oh and I don't know in recent updates but you could create your own language on Minecraft and call anything however you wanted.
Now that I think about it how meme creators don't think about these kind of things?

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This thread is permanently archived