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Va11Ha11A will have a collab with Girl's Frontline

| Proof : https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/05/girls-frontline-x-va-11-hall-a-collab-coming-to-english-server-in-august-with-jill-and-two-others/

| On August this year

| I hate mobile games like this... I try to avoid them unless I'm dead bored with nothing better to do...

But fine, I'm playing this, at least until I get my Jill.

| At LAST!

| lol? This is kind of a weird Collab but I guess I'll have to start playing a bit

| finally i've been waiting since first tweet
>rank 71 just for this collab,i'm just gonna quit when i got jill and that 2 other.

| Jill, Alma and Stella, well known for shooting people. DOROTHY HAS GUNS FOR FINGERS!

| I hope they don't get yet another Boss Bullying event, i'm annoyed just for that they brought two boss bullying events in a row

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This thread is permanently archived