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/v/, is Oregon Trail a rougelike?

| Not referring to Oregon Trail Directors cut on steam, I mean the original text based game from 1975. Is it a rougelike? Discuss.

| >>557900 for any Non-Americans, Oregon Trail was an educational game many public schools allowed 3rd/4th graders (7-9 years old) to play in which you would play as a family moving from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley in Oregon via covered wagon. On the way, you would have to hunt for food and and maintain your wagon and your party’s health. You would encounter random events throughout the journey, like random bandits that instantly kill you and end your run. Fun game.

| It's spelled "roguelike", and no, it Oregon Trail isn't one.

| I'm assuming this thread isn't going to devolve into yelling war on what is or isn't a roguelike, or is that a stupid thing to assume?

Sure. I'll call it a roguelike the same way FTL is a roguelike. (Roguelite?)

I wouldn't call it a roguelike if you only use it for games like Necrodancer or Mystery Dungeon tho.

| its not a roguelike or a roguelikelike but its a high quality game that doesnt really fit the mold of any genre.

| Dysentery simulator.

Or survival horror. You manage bullets and health, but instead of zombies, you avoid the most dangerous thing in nature, knee level river crossing!

| I shoot the river. Furrack off you water!

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This thread is permanently archived