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Will VA11HA11A ever get a sequel?

| It's a pretty cool game. I really love it so far, I hope it does

| it's literally getting a sequel, you dolt
sth like N1-RV Anna or w/e

| Kinda, there's going to be N1rv an-a
Another cyberpunk bartending action from Sukeban

| >>557310
Wow, thanks a fuckload for nothing, chucklehead.
If I knew that I wouldn't have fucking asked.

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/914210/N1RV_AnnA_Cyberpunk_Bartender_Action/

It is technically a sequel, set in the N1RV Ann-A bar that's mentioned a couple times by the boss. Graphic style looks like a DS title, music won't be by Garoad this time around, characters are all new and it's set in a different location.

| But Dana has referenced the bar before in Va-11 Hall-A, so I home we get to see her in this game and hopefully Jill!!! <<<<3

| https://m.imgur.com/a/g2LCj03

| Pretty sure Nirvana is the closest thing we'll get. The devs said in their last dev log that they will never make a Vallhalla 2 because their situation and creativity was in such a unique place while making Vallhalla. I do hope Jill and Dana show up in Nirvana though. Though John-faced fuckboi Gil would also be awesome.

| >>557309 dude lives under a rock lmfao

| >>557426 omg

| >>557315
Huh. You do not seem like a pleasant person. I would advise against responding aggressively to comments. It makes you look like an asshole.

| >>557607 its cool, anon just forgot the internet existed :#

| We could had avoided this if someone didn't unpin the N1RV Ann-A thread a couple months ago. Yeah, no one was posting, except me every month to talk about the new devlog, but it was the lighthouse of g/u/rls searching for more VA-11 Hall-A.

| >>557607
Yeah and calling someone a dolt for not knowing something is sooooo polite, right?
You know what makes someone a giga asshole? Being a jerk when someone asks an honest question.
Yeah idfk about va11halla getting a sequel, where I'm from video games are a almost unheard of. I don't get many sources regarding games.
The reason I got to know about va11halla is because I *stumbled* across this app while searching for something else on the playstore.
Yeeeears ago.

| Where I come from video games aren't a big thing. No one to discuss about this stuff with or talk about to.
I didn't even know the official name for this game, all I had was a hazy memory of stumbling across this app and being interested.
Until the switch trailer for it dropped

| So how about you don't be a pompous hypocritical bellend and stfu? If I knew about the sequel, I wouldn't have asked.

| Y'all need to chill the fuck out.

| >>557670
I would recommend checking ID tags before responding. I am not the person who was being mean to you, yet you are being mean to me.

I do not think the person who called you "dolt" should have done that, but that is no reason to get so aggressive.

You should be better than those people, and the way to be that is by not responding to them.

There are a lot of unpleasant people on the internet, and the only way to not become one yourself is by staying calm and ignoring them.

| Don't expect someone to stay calm 24x7
Taking the highground all the time doesn't get you shit, it's okay to lose it sometimes.

| >>557803
I agree, and disagree.

I agree that losing it sometimes is completely normal. Losing it over a dumb comment online usually means you are short tempered, but there may be a deeper reason to your reaction that I'm unaware off.

But I disagree that staying calm, or "high ground" as you put it, doesn't get you anything. Whenever there is a situation that's getting kind of heated, I usually ignore it and talk calmly about it later or calm down the situation, and it works fine.

| >>558067 I agree, you can avoid many unnecessary conflicts by just staying calm
But then I guess every person is different, so idk

| O

| This entire thread is lol

| Gurls fighting in mud bath tab thread, hah.

| This thread lmfao

| >>558616 truth

| I'm gonna say the N-word.

| Strangely, my post will now seem off subject, but I wonder if there's a possibility of more games in the same universe but of different genres.

| >>559182 Something Something, Next Game Something


| Does OP not know how to use google? Or even check the sukeban games website, or atleast their twitter?

| >>559273 Sometimes it's easier to just ask, instead of searching for something that you don't know even exists
I'm aware of N1RV Ann-a because of danger/u/ and I am sure a lot of other people are too

| >>559297

| Just got Valhalla today on ps4, had no idea this app was related. Just got this cause it was weird. Enjoying the game so far. Wish I could post from it tho

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