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With this game out on the switch, which other games would you want to see arrive on this console?


| All Persona games, especially 3

| Maybe a psychonauts hd remake

| Would have said Crosscode, but that one recently arrived already

| >>557256
Yes, yes, triple yes!

Also, I'd like all the Blazblue games too, not just Central Fiction.

| Solitaire.

| >>557384
Well they got minesweeper and pinball so why the fuck not?
Solitaire is expected now

| Be nice if some of the older Fire Emblem games are avaliable. Not to mention Earthbound and Mother 3.

| >>557763
I agree with this!

| Jet Set Radio (remastered)

| >>558171 booo, new Jet Set Radio developed by Hover RoG developers and Switch VR Update.
Stop wanting old games we are not helping progression. If you want old games stick with a Collection edition

| >>558442 I agree and disagree, some old games can be remastered and be better than what it once was, and some are obvious cash grabs.

| >>558662 in case of Sega is just cash for two new bytes

| I just hope Sega makes a Sega Ages Panzer Dragoon Saga and a Daytona USA game, tbh. Who has the Policenauts IP nowadays?

| >>558442 But a remaster of an old game at least doesn't mean the series is dead. Plus it could benefit from updated controls. The original is great, but really clunky

| >>557384 maybe a sequel to that solitaire horse racing 3DS game! I'd dig that

| >>558915 Not if its Bandai, they won't fix the original neither the remastered xD It really depends on the company, some will gift the original and new owners some stuff, new content or else, others will port the game and call it a remaster not even checking if button A is acting as B. Some will add new features the series got in sequels that benefits gameplay, others will leave 8 directional gamepad on 3D games. There should be a different, like Remaster and "Mediocraster"

| >>558925 yeah, lately Capcom has been doing some pretty awesome remakes and remasters, while Bandai Namco has been just straight up porting with higher res textures

| I want Va-11 on mobile

| Divitaminy 2: Original Sin

| Everyone should buy Dragon's Dogma on switch so they release Devil May Cry 5
With a high profile game like that(and if it also sells well) third parties would have little excuse not to release their games on Nintendo Switch

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