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Katana Zero

| Go play it right now if your a fan of samurai, hotline Miami aesthetics, synthwave soundtracks and confusing time distorting stories.

| it looks


| How is it gameplay wise? I'm a total noob who couldn't get past the 4th level of hotline miami.

| >>6bd55c
Imo, it's easier than Hotline miami

| Just bought it. Gameplay and music are not as thrilling as in holine miami. No combos and, therefore, no motivation to play risky. Too much attention on the story.

Stealth missions? Are you kidding me? I am here to fucking kill a lot of people under retrowave and not to care about a random kid or talk about nightmares. Refunded.

| >>6a063c wtf?? It's not meant to be a hotline Miami clone. It did however take inspiration from the art style, but is a different game. I thought the gameplay was fun, not too easy or too hard and I thought, gameplay wise it looks visuals more pleasing to kill people in this game than hotline Miami.

And I thought the soundtrack fit each level and scene really well. The game is a bit short tho

| >>554464 all I want to say is that if you are a Hotline Miami fan and blindly buy everything which mentions its name, you might be disappointed.

| I always liked hotline's aesthetic but didn't enjoy the level art as much, so I'm definitely interested in it. How long did it take y'all to play through it?

| Reminds me of dead cells in a way

| >>b32d1e it's maybe 4 hours, plus there are 3 ending

| i think the writing is a lot better than y'all give it credit for. the pixel art is frankly amazing as well.

| >>554326
Idunno, I found the aesthetic and presentation to be a lot better than Hotline Miami's. And looking/feeling cool was enough to push me towards some flashy risky stuff. The story never felt too overwhelming, I actually think that it's balanced rather well with gameplay. There is only one absolutely mandatory stealth segment (beginning of the club mission) and it's really short.

| Speaking of being short, that's the only downside of the game IMO. About 4 hours long, 6-7 hours tops if you replay it a bit and hunt for secrets. And the ending is wayyy too open/sequel-bait-ish.
Otherwise, it shows clearly enough what it's gonna be in the trailers/description. The fact that it's "not Hotline Miami enough" is only a result of your poorly managed expectations.

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