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Melty G/u/rls

| The title asks everything, any of you g/u/rls play Melty? It's a game that deserves more recognition plus its easy to get good and very fun

| What is it about?

| Does it have anything to do woth melty blood? Because that's one good fighting game


| Melty blood something? The fighting?

| Meltys quest?

| I downloaded it recently cause I wanted to get into fighting games, saying I suck is a big understatement. But hey the ost is really nice too!

| Assuming you're talking about Melty Blood? Love it! Was the forst fighter I got into back with Re:Act.

| I like how there's Shiki in it.

| Roast beef is the best g/u/rl prove me wrong

| >>552129
Not gonna, I agree completely. Also the first character I got to try out Eclipse Moon with and it was completely bonkers.

| >>552129

that's a weird way to spell vermillion

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This thread is permanently archived