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Oculus Quest

| I've got all the cash saved up chief, please let me know about anything I should know, games that I should get off the bat, and perhaps speculations on its release date, thank y'all for coming

| Beatsaber is the best ever. Once everyone has vr it'll be the dance dance revolution

| Isn't oculus owned by facebook?

| VR is pointless, keep your momey and buy good games instead

| Have fun being Zucced in the digital world

| Though I do agree that vr just isn't worth it right now, I recommend you keep an eye out for the game called 'Nostos'.

It looks extremely promising and the OST alone has sold it to me.

| Oculus Quest is going to be awesome. I highly recommend Superhot VR. Superhot is a really good game, and Superhot VR is just Superhot with different levels, VR and dual wielding.

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This thread is permanently archived